Known Issue - FIXED 3/12/2020 Potential Issue with the Course Requests Page as of the 2/27/2020 Update.

Update:  This fix is included in the update dated 3/12/2020: 

Scheduling Setup -  The options to schedule for current year or next year was being cached incorrectly, fixed.  

Known Issue - The "Scheduling for Next Year" message could display in error in schools that are set to "Schedule for Current Year" as of the 2/27/2020 update.

Programming is working on this now and hoping to ship in the next update scheduled for tomorrow 3/12/2020.
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The converse is true as well.  Scheduling for Next Year is not displayed on Scheduling Master or SMS Board pages when that is the actual setting.  Sections will not delete from SMS Board giving the message that the section is tied to Attendance.

It used to resolve by clicking Scheduling Master then going to SMS Board, but that is not the case today.

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