Known Issue - Import Test Results - IELPAC will not load all test parts if a hand-entered IELPAC test exists for that testing date

In certain circumstances the Import Test Results - Initial ELPAC Test Results - SY:2019-20 file layout will only update an existing IELPAC test record, it will not update that record and add the missing test parts.

The circumstance is:

An Overall (part 0) IELPAC test record is hand-entered into the Testing (TST) table with the testing date of the IELPAC test. The IELPAC data file is imported after this record has been created and the testing date in the data file matches the testing date in the TST record.

The result is:

The Overall (part 0) IELPAC test is updated in the TST table, but the Oral Language (part 1) and Written Language (part 2) TST records are not created.

What update is this a known issue for?

I would like to know as well!! My accountability coordinator is worried. 

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