Known Issue - FIXED 3/12/2020 Home Page Calendar Issues as of the 2/25/2020 Update

Update:  The fix for this issue was released in the 3/12/2020 update:

Events could not be edited or added while on the Full Calendar view, fixed.

Known Issues: 

1.  Adding or editing Events on the Calendar page is no longer working when using the "Go To Calendar" link.

Work Around - New Events can be added on the Home page with the Add Event button.

2.  When changing the Day or Month in the date field, the page is not refreshing and not displaying the correct Day or Month.  

Work Around - Teachers can click on the horizontal lines to the right of the date field and click on the Reload button to refresh the calendar.  

Admin and Users can display a different month by changing the Display to Day and entering the date of the month you want to see.  Changing the Display back to Month will display the entire month.

Programming is looking into this now.

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