Aeries Revision Notes 2/26/2020

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Parent Portal PreviewA new District Setting has been added under Other Student Settings to allow Parents to preview our new Parent Portal design. Once enabled, a message asking if they would like to preview the new Portal will appear each time the Parent lands on the Home page. The new Parent Portal brings a new interface, navigation, and accessibility features. The New Portal message will also contain a link for the Parent to leave feedback about their experience.
Student Authorizations reportThis is a new report converted from the Aeries Client. It will show Authorizations filtered by program participation, code and status. This is available to print for all students or for a single student when run from the Authorizations page.
Grade Reporting Codes And Descriptions reportThis is a new report converted from the Aeries Client with the same name and is available to print from the Grade Reporting Codes and Descriptions page.
Student Quick Contacts reportThis is a new report converted from the Aeries Client. It is available to office staff with Read permission to CON table. It is available from the reports area as well as from a Print button on the Full Contact List popup from the student info header.
Import Test ResultsUpdated PFT import to accept all PFT result files.
StaffThe Staff table in Aeries has been adjusted to use a new "Gender" field instead of "Sex". This moves the data stored in the STF.SX field and moves into the new STF.GN field. This allows a district to support Nonbinary gender values for school and district employees. All related Staff pages and reports have been adjusted to support this new field and gender values.
CALPADS ExtractsThe functions that collect the staff demographic information have been modified to handle Nonbinary gender codes. The change affects the Staff Demographics (SDEM) and the Staff Assignments (SASS) extracts.
CBEDS-ORAThe extract logic has been updated to use the new staff gender fields, which allows the inclusion of non-binary gender codes. The process will use the STF.GN CALPADS translations to determine which codes to evaluate as non-binary. Also, the staff assignments that started after the census date or ended before the census date will not be included. An STA record without dates will be considered as an active (valid) record.
Third Party System ConnectionsThis is a new page where admin users can configure settings to integrate Aeries with certain third party systems. These are the same options that were previously found on the School Options page at the district level.
School OptionsThe System Connections section has been removed from this page.
Illuminate APIThe Third Party System Connections page has a new option for Illuminate DnA customers to configure access to the Illuminate API from Aeries. The options can be saved; however, there is no additional functionality at this time. Aeries will be engaging some early adopter districts and developing further Illuminate DnA integrations in the near future.
Student DemographicsIn an elementary school the teacher's enrollment totals on the TCH record will be automatically re-calculated when a student is dropped, or when the Elementary Teacher (STU.CU) for a student is updated or the status tag (STU.TG) of a student is changed.
State Electronic Test ScoresDue to a recent change made by TOMS, the Key Expiration Date is no longer necessary and has been removed from the options.
SecurityAdjustments have been made to prevent unauthorized uses of some internal webservices.
Parent Data ConfirmationThis page has been updated to display and function better on smaller screens.
Profile PageThis page has been updated to display and function better on smaller screens.
Contacts PageThis page has been updated to display and function better on smaller screens, including the pop-up edit mode window.
OneRoster APISome OneRoster API End Points were not returning a correct response value when there was nothing to be sent in a request. All End Points now follow the OneRoster specification for this functionality.
Store ManagerThe following fields have been added to this page: School Code, Section Number, Category and Sub Category to the Digital Item. Also added Free and Reduced Meals (FRE) to the discount rate to support NSLP.
QueryThis page has been updated to only display tables and fields that pertain to the district. Tables and fields that were abandoned in the past or designed for schools in a different region are now hidden.
QueryRestricted inputs to Query have been enhanced to prevent additional unauthorized commands from being performed.
TITAN IntegrationAeries would generate a yellow server error message in the Parent and Student portals when the TITAN service was offline. The system will now display a customer-appropriate error message.
Student InfoSome Student Contact data was being output to the HTML of Student-related pages, even if the User did not have access to Read the CON table. Although the Contact Data was not displayed visually on the page, if CSS Styles were disabled, the data was visible.
Assertive DisciplineWhen editing an Administrative Decision (Dispositions), the Reason Different (DSP.RDD) was not being populated, fixed.
Class Roster reportWhen printing in XLSX format, each student detail would take up two lines instead of one, fixed.
Administrative FunctionsWhen running Force Cascading DEL tags, the Last Run date would not display on the Administrative Functions and New Year Rollover pages, fixed.
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