Information - State Electronic Test Scores Key Expiration Date Extended to 365 Days - FIXED 2/26/2020

Update: This issue was resolved in the 2/26/2020 Aeries Web Update

State Electronic Test ScoresDue to a recent change made by TOMS, the Key Expiration Date is no longer necessary and has been removed from the options.


Recently TOMS has extended the time that State Electronic Test Scores User Name and Secret Key are valid from 90 days to 365 days. In the Aeries system the Key Expiration Date is an information-only field, it is not being used by Aeries.  We will be removing the Key Expiration Date field from the School Options page at the District and at the School level. We do not have an estimated date of completion at this time.

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Hello, our registrars are reporting that they can't see last year's State Test Scores? 

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