Aeries Revision Notes 1/16/2020

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CALPADS ExtractsThe page has been updated to include the new Post-Secondary Status (PSTS) extract. Buttons have been added under the Fall 2 and EOY tabs. When running for Fall 2, students enrolled in CA Partnership Academy and/or Career Technical Education will be included. When running for EOY 4, only students with disabilities will be included in the extract. Also, the school selection list has been slightly modified to use a 2-column style.
Student GroupsThis report has been added to Aeries Web. Also, a Print button has been added to Student Groups page to print groups individually.
Students With Same NameThis report has been added to Aeries Web, supporting review of students with the same first and last name. The ability to compare students' middle name and birth date as well as compare students across many schools or within specific schools are available.
Financial TransactionsThe Financial Transactions page includes the new 2019 1098-T tax form on the Reports button. There is an option to print 2018 as well.
CoursesThe Courses page now includes a new CIP Code field for storing Classification of Instructional Programs codes from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) for use with Adult Education courses. Also, this page will now limit the input length on fields to avoid Save errors.
Adult EducationThe Adult Education page has new fields designed specifically for an upcoming integration with TOPSpro.
User PasswordsPasswords for all types of accounts in Aeries will now default to using the more secure PBKDF2 method of password hashing. Existing passwords will be re-hashed using the new method the next time each user logs in, and the new method will also be used whenever a password is changed or a new account is created.
TeachersCode 6012 has been added to the State Course Code dropdown.
Ed-Fi BetaEd-Fi now supports near-real-time-synchronization of all Ed-Fi entities. This feature is integrated into the scheduling process and configurable on the Ed-Fi Configuration page. Also, several errors related to uploading Aeries data to an Ed-Fi ODS, fixed. Also, various enhancements to the Ed-Fi tools used by administrators.
District Attendance LettersThe comment field will now only accept up to 100 characters. Firefox and IE browsers were getting errors when trying to navigate to the Generate/Send Letters page, fixed. Students that were active in one school but inactive in another were always displaying an inactive tag, fixed. The progress bar for generating/sending letters was not showing for some users, fixed. The Delivery Type and Last Updated columns were reverting to their previous values when scrolling forward and back, fixed. When generating letters the start and end dates were not being honored, fixed. Various performance enhancements were made to help with time out issues that sometimes occurred when attempting to load the page. The Office Copy PDF downloaded with an incorrect file extension, fixed.
CDD-801a ExtractThis extract was evaluating at 85% State Median Income rather than the 70% State Median Income, fixed.
Aeries Mobile APIThe Grades, Aeries Communications, Supplemental Attendance and Financials screens in the Aeries Mobile Portal app now log to PHL table when the screen is open.
Mass Add Student PicturesThe security of this process has been improved to prevent any unauthorized actions.
ClassesThe Classes page had the potential to update course attendance end dates for previously deleted sections when a section is removed for a prior date, fixed. The Save button will now only process course attendance for sections being affected in the current edit.
Master Schedule and TeachersThese pages will now only process course attendance for the sections being affected by the Move, Copy, and Transfer processes.
Student DemographicsThe student inactivation process on the demographics page will now only process course attendance for sections being deleted in the current inactivation process.
LoggingIn some instances, the IP address and datetime fields would not be logged in the Parent Web Account (PWA), User and Group Names (UGN), or Web Request Log (WRL) tables when records were updated, fixed. Please note this only occurred when IP address information exceeded 25 characters.
Grade ReportingWidened GPA fields on some reports to support larger 100-point GPA values ("100.00"). Reports modified include: GPA Summary Listing by Mark, GPA Summary Listing by Term, Grade Report Mark Analysis, Missing Mark Listing by Student, and Missing Mark Listing by Teacher.
Students with Repeated CoursesThe Students with Repeated Courses report will now render the "No Data" error when no data is available.
Import Data to AeriesDuplicate existing records were causing the import to fail in certain situations, fixed.
Update Academic Plan Course OptionsUpdating total student count was only working on some courses, fixed. The button to manually update has been removed and navigating to this page now updates the Total Students automatically.
Staff Schedule ReportThe Excel format of this report has been enhanced to merge cells correctly. Also, an extra row was being displayed when printed for trimester schools, fixed. Also, this report is not available at the district level.
ClassesUsers were unable to add courses that contain one or more special characters in the course number, fixed.
District Attendance LetterThe sending letter process timed out when sending letters in a big district, fixed. Also, the Office Copies and Letter to Print/Mail reports were not generated, fixed.
Aeries Mobile APIIn some situations, students were able to check in to a session when their IP was outside of the range, fixed.
Aeries Reporting ServiceIn some cases, recently implemented Aeries installations could not properly complete Scheduled Processes due to an incorrect database field definition, fixed.
CALPADS ExtractsThe Student Absence Summary (STAS) extract was not completing the processing if there were STAS exemptions defined, fixed.
Attendance ManagementThe Red Flag icon was taking up extra space, fixed.
App FeedbackThe page showed a blank screen when opening with Internet Explorer, fixed.
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