Aeries Database Changes 1/16/2020

Is New?TableFieldComments
FALSECRSCIPAdded CIP Code (CIP) to the Courses (CRS) table.
FALSEPWAHTAdded Hash Type (HT) to the Parent Web Account (PWA) table.
FALSESTCGL, TYAdded Grade Levels (GL) field to the Staff Credentials (STC) table. Also increased field size of the Type (TY) field.
FALSELoggingIP AddressThe IP Address fields in the following tables have been increased to 255 characters to match LOG.IP: PWA.CIP, PWA.LIP, UGN.IP, UGN.LIP, WRL.RIP.
FALSESTFECCAdded Early Childhood Certification (ECC) field to the Staff (STF) table for use in Texas.
Added the following fields to the Adult Education (AED) table: Annual Income Threshold (AIT), Update Date (UD), and Labor Force Status (LF).
Adult Education Fields (AEF) table will now be directly related to Adult Education (AED) instead of the Student ID (IDN) table.
Added the following fields to the Ed-Fi Organization (EFO) table: Enable Scheduled Sync (ENS), Enable Real Time Sync (ENR), and Read Only (RO).
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