1/13/2020 - CAASPP CAST and CSA Test Results

We have received many questions regarding importing CAST test scores. Although the Student Score Reports for CAST and CSA are now available in the Online Reporting System, the Student Score Data Extract does not include the test results. One of our districts reached out to CalTAC and learned that the latest results are not currently available in the CAASPP Student Score Data Extract Report as of yet.  They are forthcoming, however there is no estimate on when they will be available. 

January 2020 Update:  2018-19 CAST, CAA and CSA scores are becoming available from TOMS. These scores, once available, can be imported into Aeries using the CAASPP Test Results - SY:2018-19 file layout. Please see the directions at the top of the Test Specific Information - CAASPP Student Test Results document explaining where to download the data file from TOMS. 

Please refer to this Aeries Known Issues post for more information:   https://support.aeries.com/support/discussions/topics/14000015210