Information - Email regarding CAASPP: CAST Test Results Available in ORS - Fixed 1/2020

We have received many questions regarding this email.  It appears Student Score Reports for CAST and CSA are now available in the Online Reporting System.  However, the Student Score Data Extract file used to import these scores into Aeries does not appear to be updated.  We are currently researching the issue.  If you wish to contact CalTAC to get more information regarding the data extract file, you may contact them at (800) 955-2954.  If you receive any information regarding this issue, please let us know.

FOLLOW-UP:  We received feedback from a district who reached out to CalTAC.   According to CalTAC, the latest results are not currently available in the CAASPP Student Score Data Extract Report as of yet.  They are forthcoming, however, no estimate on when they will be available. 

January 2020 Update:  2018-19 CAST, CAA and CSA scores are becoming available from TOMS. These scores, once available, can be imported into Aeries using the CAASPP Test Results - SY:2018-19 file layout. Please see the directions at the top of the Test Specific Information - CAASPP Student Test Results document explaining where to download the data file from TOMS.

March 2020 Update: As 2018-19 scores have become available from TOMS, this no longer seems to be an issue.

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Thank you!  I noticed this right before I went on break and the extract file didn't actually have CAST scores.  Hopefully CalTAC gets this resolved ASAP.

We, Santa Maria-Bonita have received the scores for the 5th and 8th grades.

Our coordinator contacted CalTAC and she was told that the issues are because of downtime with TOMS. Downtime ends on 1/14/2020 at 8a.m. and we should check the data after that.

Thank you!

Any update on this?

According to the most recent email that was sent out to LEA CAASPP Coordinators on 01/22/2020, the CAASPP Preview deadline was 01/27/2020 and as for the date that the score file is to be released is still To Be Determined.   All CAASPP Coordinators will receive emails from the CDE when score file becomes available.  Please check with your LEA CAASPP Coordinators for any updates.

I pulled a file last week and it included my CAST scores (Redlands)


yes... I see scores as well.

Hello, If we see CAST scores can we go ahead and upload our file to Aeries yet?

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