Aeries Database Changes 12/19/2019

Is New?TableFieldComments
New Program Screenings table (PGR) for information related to the determination of a student's membership in Special Programs.
Added the following fields to the Contacts (CON) table: Enrolled the Student (ES), Birthdate (BD), User Codes (U1-U8), Occupation (OC), TB Test Status (TB), TB Expiration (TBE), Fingerprint Status (FP), and Fingerprint Date (FPD).
FALSELSILSFAdded Legal Suffix (LSF) field to the Legal Student Information (LSI) table.
Added five new fields to the Red Flag (FLG) table: Insert Date (IDT), Insert User ID (IUI), Insert User Name (IUN), Update User ID (UUI), and Update User Name (UUN).
FALSESchedSR1-SR3Added Staff Role fields (SR1, SR2, SR3) to the Scheduling (MST, SMS, and SMB) tables.
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