Aeries Database Changes 12/6/2019

Is New?TableFieldComments
New Program Services (PGS) table designed to store services related to a Student Program (PGM) record. This data was formerly stored in PGM.SR and will be moved in this update.
New Ed-Fi Entities (EFE) table to store Entities that are associated with the Ed-Fi ODS Configuration.
New Graduation Endorsement Student (GES) table for future use with Graduation Endorsements.
Added new fields to the Teachers (TCH) table for use with CALPADS: Course Content Subcategory (CSC), Charter Non-Core (CNC), Online Course Instruction Type (OIT), Non-credentialing Authorization (NCA), Standards Grade Range (SGR), Content Standards Alignm
FALSESTCEDAdded End Date (ED) to the Staff Credentials (STC) table for use with CALPADS.
FALSEEFDSCLAdded a School (SCL) field to the Ed-Fi Data (EFD) table.
FALSESTUEOOAdded an Endorsement Opt-out (EOO) flag to the Students (STU) table for future use with Graduation Endorsements.
FALSEFBKRDAdded a Reported Date (RD) field to the App Feedback (FBK) table that will default to the existing DateTimeStamp (DTS).
FALSEBERSTYAdded Staff Type (STY) to the Behavioral Emergencies (BER) table.
FALSEACTCO, PWAdded Comment (CO) and Pathway (PW) fields to the Activities (ACT) table.
FALSESSDPSSAdded Post-Secondary Status (PSS) to the Secondary Student Data (SSD) table.
FALSESTUOSAdded Online Scheduling Group (OS) to the Student (STU) table.
FALSESchedARAdded Allow Arena Scheduling to the Scheduling (SMS, SMB) tables.
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