Aeries Database Changes 11/22/2019

Is New?TableFieldComments
New Disability History table (DHS) for use in Texas.
The following fields were moved from Special Education (CSE) to Instructional Settings History (CSH): Multiply Disabled (MD), Medically Fragile (MF), and Child Funding Type (CFT). Added the following fields to Instructional Settings History (CSH): ECSE
FALSELACALPAdded Alternate Language Program field (LAC.ALP) to the Language Assessment table.
FALSERETAYAdded Academic Year field (RET.AY) to the Retentions and Special Promotions table.
FALSECRSCSQ, ODAdded OnRamps Dual Enrollment indicator (CRS.OD), and increased the size of the existing Course Sequence (CRS.CSQ) field, for use in Texas.
FALSEHISCH, PFAdded the following fields to the Transcripts (HIS) table: College Credit Hours (CH), and Pass/Fail Credit indicator (PF) for use in Texas.
FALSESTUSSIDeleted the SSI Promotion Retention flag (STU.SSI) that was deemed unnecessary, this field was for use in Texas only.
Deleted the following fields that were deemed unnecessary in the Secondary Student Data (SSD) table: ECHS Indicator (ECI), T-STEM Indicator (STI), and P-TECH Indicator (PTI). These fields were for use in Texas only.
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