Aeries Revision Notes 12/19/2019

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Combine Student RecordsThis feature has been converted from the Aeries Client. The process has been improved for Aeries Web with a more intuitive user interface and much faster performance. Also, the process supports Custom Tables.
Test SettingsThis page has had a major update for 2019-20, including improvements to the visual styles. All CAASPP settings have been updated according to the latest specifications. Also, new settings have been added for ELPAC test settings. Also, on the "all" settings tab, when adding or updating a record, the drop-down list will now be correctly limited to active codes.
State Testing Export FilesThis page was formerly named "CAASPP Export Files" and has been renamed to be inclusive of the newly added ELPAC file exports. The CAASPP exports created by this page have all been updated based on the latest specifications. Also, two new exports have been added for ELPAC Student Test Settings (Accommodations) and ELPAC Student Test Assignment.
FinancialsThe following features have been added to Aeries Financials: (1) Auto Pay will be automatically enabled after the user completes the auto pay setup. (2) Users can turn Auto Pay on/off on the Financial's page. (3) When a payment schedule is created or modified for the current student, an email will be sent to that student or parent depending on the new Treat Student as an Adult option on the District level School Options page. (4) The Treat Student as an Adult option has been added to the District level School Options page. If this option is enabled, the student will be treated as an adult and the financial emails will be forwarded to the student instead the parent. (5) In some situations, the auto payment transaction's status was set to "blank" during the nightly process, fixed.
ContactsMany new fields have been added for tracking more information about contacts: Enrolled the Student (used to indicate which contact or contacts were involved in enrolling a student in school), Birthdate, User Codes 1-8, Occupation, TB Test Status, TB Expiration, Fingerprint Status, and Fingerprint Date. Also, the new User Code fields and the existing Military User Code fields can have custom captions defined.
Master Schedule and Scheduling MasterThree new Staff Role fields (SR1, SR2, and SR3) have been added to store the role of each Staff Member linked to a section. These fields have been added to the MST, SMS, and SMB tables and will be used in the future to provide refined permissions and functionalities for different teachers linked to a section.
Assertive DisciplineThis page now has a new section displaying Totals for each Disposition/Administrative Action. Each row displays the Count, Total Days, and Total Hours for the current year. Also, the Demerits field will be displayed based on the new District Setting.
District SettingsThis page now supports a new option to "Allow Demerits In Assertive Discipline Page".
Student DemographicsThe Legal Suffix field (LSI.LSF) has been added to the student Legal information section.
Aeries APIThe Programs API now requires separate permissions for Special Education (CSE) and Free and Reduced (FRE). Results from these tables will only be included in the response if the respective permission is granted. These new permissions can be set on the API Security page.
Red FlagsInformation about who Created or Last Updated a Red Flag is now stored and displayed in the FLG table. To see these details a user must have Read permissions to the FLG table.
Aeries Mobile APIModifications have been made to the Aeries Mobile API to support the upcoming features of the Aeries Teacher app.
Aeries Mobile APIModification has been made to support the upcoming feature for the Aeries Mobile Portal app.
System SecurityImprovements have been made to increase security against unauthorized users from initializing a session linked to an Aeries database.
System SecurityImprovements have been made to increase security against the misuse of certain methods to manipulate the session state on the server.
Login Page RedirectsThe system has been improved to handle more URL states to enhance the redirection of users while not logged in.
Street Address ManagementMass update School of Residence and Next School fields were not updating when there were any error messages in the Address Status field, they now update if the address is found in the streets table. Mass validate and update were incorrectly running on inactive students, fixed. An option to include inactive students was added. A warning message now displays and mass update functionality is disabled when the corresponding district settings are enabled.
Street Address ManagementSorting by residence address was incorrectly sorting by school, fixed. Searching by number range now searches all addresses that match the filter and now honors the mailing or residence option. Edit button was not working when searching mailing addresses, fixed.
Red FlagsTeachers now also require update permission to FLG to add, edit, or remove red flags.
SecurityThe Update permission checkbox has been added to the Red Flags permission area.
Mass Add Student PicturesThis page is now disabled on the demo sites.
Gradebook Edit AssignmentWhen uploading a document to an assignment the file size and type will be validated. Also, in certain circumstances the "Clear" button on the file upload window would duplicate, fixed.
Import Data to AeriesUnder certain conditions, some GRD records were being skipped because the associated classes were considered inactive, fixed. Also, when importing from CSV files the dates were incorrect, fixed. Also, a non numeric value in Student State ID (STU.CID) would generate an error, fixed.
OneRoster v1.1The endDate data element in the academicSessions and enrollment CSV files and getAcademicSessions and getEnrollments endpoints now output the exclusive dates instead inclusive.
OneRoster APIThe getTeachersForSchool endpoint returned a HTTP 500 error when called, fixed.
Aeries Mobile Portal appWhen adding a student with restricted contacts, the email sent to a school's confirmation address featured incorrect links to accept or reject causing an error when clicked, fixed.
Parent PortalTiming out on the Attendance page was redirecting to the Parent Data Confirmation page, fixed.

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