Known Issue - Update MST Totals on the Update Academic Plan Course Options page is not working - Fixed 1/16/2020

UPDATE: This issue has been fixed with the 1/16/2020 update.  The 'Update Totals from MST' button has been removed. The page will now load with the current Total Students for each class where there is at least 1 student enrolled, no matter the Grade level.  Inactive classes will not show, and when a class is Inactivated, the corresponding CRQ record will be DEL-tagged. 

On the Update Academic Plan Course Options page, using the 'Update Totals from MST' and the 'Tag Courses Based on MST numbers' buttons are not working consistently.  We are aware of this issue and an update will be coming out soon.   In the meantime, users can filter the course list by subject area, tag all the courses, then use the  'Update Totals from MST'  button. This will update the totals for those courses.

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