Aeries Revision Notes 12/6/2019

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Arena SchedulingMany adjustments have been made to this page. Support has been added for the Include in Arena Scheduling setting on sections. Also, support has been added for the Student Online Scheduling Group. Also, a link has been added to navigate to the Course Request Entry page for Students and Parents with appropriate permissions. Also, for users with INSERT permissions to the Scheduling Wait List table, the ability to add or remove a student from a class's Wait List has been added.
Portal SchedulingA new Student field has been added called Online Scheduling Group. This new field can be attached to students and each group can have unique date ranges available in the portal to edit various elements of scheduling from the Portal Options page. This field uses values from the COD table and can be added/editing for a student on the Course Requests page.
Scheduling Master ScheduleA new field for "Arena Scheduling" has been added to flag sections that can be included and selected during the Arena Scheduling process.
Student Class Scheduling / Course RequestsLinks have been added to the top of this page to the "Scheduling Catalog" and "Arena Scheduling" pages for Students and Parents with permission to use those pages.
Course Requests EntryLinks have been added to the top of this page to the "Course Requests", "Scheduling Catalog" and "Arena Scheduling" pages for Students and Parents with permission to use those pages.
CALPADS ExtractsThe CRSE and CRSC extracts have been updated to honor the new layout for 2019-20. Nine new columns have been added to these extracts (9.28-9.36). Please review the documentation for further details. Also, adjusted the rounding logic in the STAS file because, in some cases, it could perform an improper rounding. Also, the SINF extract had the potential to include other districts CDS codes if the database contained more than one district, fixed. Also, in some cases, the SINF could include schools not selected for processing, fixed.
TeachersSeven new fields have been added to the TCH table for using with CALPADS reporting for Elementary Schools.
CALPADS ExtractsThe SPRG extract has been updated to use the new PGS table when retrieving services for Title I program (122). The PGM.SR field is no longer used. Also, the translations have been updated to reflect this change.
CALPADS ExtractsThe SENR reconciliation logic has been adjusted to delete SENR records coming from CALPADS, for the current year, when a student does not have any ENR data in the current year.
CALPADS ExtractsThe SELA extract had the potential of not including students (EL or IFEP) in the extract if the Initial Test Date (LAC.ITD) matched the IFEP date (LAC.IFD) or the Program Start date (LAC.SD). Also, the extract will now include students with Non-ADA enrollment (50).
Secondary Student DataThe Post-Secondary Status field has been added to the SSD table for CALPADS reporting. This field will be included in the new Post-Secondary Status (PSTS) extract.
StaffThe UGN, TCH, STJ, STC, STA, and STH tabs had the potential to add multiple records when adding/undoing a new record, fixed. Also, a Certification End Date has been added to the Credentials tab to allow for a better handling of the staff certifications.
Import Test ResultsThis page has been updated to allow the import of the 2019-20 SAT data layout file format.
Activities and AwardsA new type, "Certifications, Licenses and Program Completions" has been added to this table. This new field will be used to identify ACT records that are linked to outcomes of certain programs like Career Pathways. Also, an optional "Career Pathway" field has been added to link records with a specific Career Pathways. These enhancements are designed to help transition away from the use of the CPO (Career Pathway Outcomes) table and to instead use a single table with ACT.
Career PathwaysA new section is available for "Activities and Awards".
Ed-Fi BetaSeveral significant enhancements: (1) Ed-Fi Configuration page now includes the ability to select specific entities to restrict view and upload access to the ODS. (2) Data deletion has been added to synchronization, so that when data is deleted in Aeries it will also be removed from the ODS. (3) A single job will now sync all entities in the correct order. It can be immediately triggered from the Ed-Fi Test page and the Ed-Fi Configuration page on the Schedule tab. And nightly jobs can be scheduled to trigger the single job full sync. (4) Descriptor caching can now be cleared from the Ed-Fi Test page. (5) The SQL for getting Aeries data for Cohort related entities were modified to fix some upload errors. (6) Several miscellaneous Ed-Fi Test page UI and UX enhancements.
Special ProgramsProgram Services are now stored in a new table: PGS. Existing data in the PGM.SR field will be converted to this new table. The Program Services field has been converted from a dropdown to a multi-select field.
App FeedbackThe user interface for App Feedback page has been expanded and now allows for marking items as resolved, adding notes, and viewing the full details of the feedback.
Bell SchedulerThis page previously allowed users to set start times that take place after end times, fixed. Also, the type field has been added to schedules, allowing users to review and edit type values. Also, several usability adjustments have been made including a reduction on page wide blinking, a message when adding or updating a record with an end time greater than 6 hours after the start and added headers.
School OptionsNew options at the district level have been added to allow districts to participate in a Survey from UC Davis.
Parent PortalThe Home Page of the parent portal will now display a message to parents of 12th graders if they would like to participate in the UC Davis Survey. This only displays if enabled at the district level in School Options.
Behavioral EmergenciesA new field has been added to this table and page for "Staff Type" that will be used for various state and federal reporting purposes.
QueryMore fixed codes have been added to the Aeries SQL database.
Teacher AttendanceThe "All Remaining Students are Present" button at the bottom of the page was giving an error, fixed.
Student DemographicsThe 9th Grade Entry Year field was not populating when adding a new student, fixed.
Supplemental Attendance DataThe Supplemental Attendance Data page would perform very slowly when there were thousands of students assigned to a session, fixed.
Financials"NA" has been removed from the Livingtree Transaction Report for transactions that are not associated with an accounting code. Also, the Auto Sync feature in the nightly process was not sending the accounting code along with the transactions, fixed.

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We are hosted. When should we expect our database to be updated? 

Hi Shawna!

We generally plan to release our updates to the hosted environment on Tuesday evenings.  We will be updating the hosted environment this evening during our planned maintenance window between 10pm-2am.  If you'd like, you can subscribe to our notifications here:

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