Known Issue - Fixed 12/06/2019 - SELA records for Non-ADA Enrollments (CERT067 error)

Update: This was fixed in the 12/06/2019 update: 

SELA records will now be created for students meeting the following conditions:

Grade level TK and above

Enrollment status of 50 (Non-ADA enrollment)

NOT enrolled in the District's Private School (0000002)

We have just clarified with CALPADS certain instances when SELA records are required for students enrolled with an enrollment status of 50 (Non-ADA Enrollments). Students who have enrollment status of 50 in CALPADS, are in Grade level TK and above and NOT enrolled in the District's Private School (0000002) DO need to have a SELA record to avoid a CERT067 error ( A student enrolled during the reporting period has no SELA record). We are updating our SELA extract process to accommodate this change. However, districts who receive the CERT067 error for these types of students may need to use the following workaround to update the SELA records for these students. 

On the CALPADS Extract form, go to the Code Translations tab, and select Enrollment Status from the drop-down menu. Change the translation for your appropriate local code  from 50 (Non-ADA) to 10 (Primary). Remember to click the disc icon to save the change.

Then click on Enrollment Update and click on Create Student Language Acquisition file (SELA) only. It should create SELA records for those students. After the file has been created and downloaded, go back and reset the translation above back to code 50. This will ensure your other CALPADS extracts work correctly. 

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