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Parent Address Changes in Data Confirmation

We are just starting with Aeries parent data verification and are finding the starter documentation lacking in a lot of areas that are popping up as parents are going through the process. For instance, parents can change their addresses in Contacts, but when they try to change their student's information for mailing and street address, the changes do not take effect. Staff receive an email that a change request has been made, but there is no quick/easy way that we have found for staff to audit who has requested changes, review them, and approve. There is already a pre-existing tool on the homelessness survey that serves much this same function, but no similar way for the address changes. It appears instead that staff must still manually type in each address change requested by parents. This is NOT particular time saving. Please assist with the recommended procedure (I hope I am just missing something here). My staff are NOT pleased!

Does anyone have a solution to the above or (even better) are there any districts willing to share their already-developed procedures for handling data verification that we might be able to use as a template to avoid missing anything?

Under portal options, you can set up an email address where copies of the changes are sent.  We set up mailboxes for each site and then give staff access to that mailbox.  Staff reviews requests, then sends back an email request for proof of residency of the new address.   Once verified, the address is changed manually.

Tracking the status of each request is tricky.  Some use flags, other use color coding in Outlook. Our high schools run between 2500-3000 students and the registrars are continually tracking down address changes.  

Please let me know what system you come up with as we are open to new ideas.

Jill Packard

Capistrano Unified


It is my understanding that when the parents make the changes, they are LIVE and there is no approval process - the changes happen instantly. For instance, we literally just had a parent by mistake sing in to her son's account and change all of the information to match her niece's information as the niece has just moved in with them in their custody! Unlike when a parent first enrolls a student and the staff must approve the creation of the new record, the changes are instant with parent data, with no quick and easy way to "rollback" accidental changes like the one just described.

For the residence address, our parents can't change that.  They have to go through the process with the site staff.  They are able to change all other information immediately that they have access.  For example, they can change their contact information (CON), but can't change the race or ethnicity on STU.

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