Aeries Revision Notes 11/22/2019

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Import Test ResultsThis page has been updated to allow importing results from NWEA MAP Growth tests, including the new Spanish tests for Reading and Math. MAP Screening tests can also be imported. The import will only accept the Combined Export .csv file format. Also, the file load process on this page has been enhanced for better performance to avoid timed out errors. 
Test DetailsPercentile is now shown for NWEA MAP tests, and Lexile® measure is shown for NWEA MAP Reading tests.
Import Test ResultsThis page now supports importing the CAASPP Interim Assessment 2019/20. 
Golden State Seal Merit DiplomaBased on updated information from CDE, the AP and SAT II measures are not valid measures to determine GSS eligibility and they have been removed. Also, in some cases students were marked as qualified under the "Other 2" when only one qualifying "Other" mark was achieved, fixed. Also, the SBAC part 0 option has been removed from the English and Math SBAC selections. Also, analysis of US History was omitting qualifying marks in the 12th grade, fixed. 
Student Race CodeRace codes in Aeries have been changed to be "hard-coded" in the system. Adjustments and changes to the original, fixed set of codes can still be made using the Update Code Table page in Aeries. Using the standard set of codes ensures that reports can be accurately run and results compared to state reports.
Aeries Mobile Portal AppThe Demographics page will now display locker information for the student such as number, combination, location, and position.
Course Requests / ScheduleTwo new print buttons have been added to this page to print the Student Class Schedule report with scheduling data and a new report for course requests. 
TranscriptsA new field, College Credit Hours (HIS.CH), was added. This field only displays for Dual Credit Courses.
Student SearchWhen an empty/blank Student Search is made, all students are now returned, similar to the 'List All' functionality in previous Aeries versions.
QueryOpening this page will now automatically update the Aeries SQL database with fixed codes from the system. This will ensure that using the Code Value Description function of "?" will work for all fields consistently.
System SecurityTo prevent redirecting to external unauthorized websites, a "Page ID" has been added to the list of pages in the navigation file. Now, after a session is timed out, the system will direct the user to the login page using the Page ID instead of the actual page URL.
RetentionsThis page has been renamed to "Retentions and Special Promotions" and a new field has been added for "Academic Year" (RET.AY). Also, the label for the "grade" field has been changed to "Next Grade". 
Retentions ReportThe new Academic Year field has been added to this report. Also, there was an issue with only printing one record for students with more than a single record on a day that has been corrected.
Student Class Schedule for All Students ReportA new option to print this report with SMS/SSS data has been added. Also, a bug in this page causing the 'group by' option to stick to an un-selected option has been fixed.
Student Course Requests for All Students ReportThis report has been added to Aeries allowing users to print course requests data for all students and includes alternate courses and preferred teacher information.
Print Avery 5160 Labels ReportThe option to sort by Zip Code has been moved to the Sort By set of options.
Aeries FinancialsReferences to "Edbacker" have been updated to "Livingtree" to reflect the new organization name.
Aeries NavigationAeries Financials has been consolidated into a new "Financials" section in the navigation.
CALPADS ExtractsCALPADS Extracts - Aeries Fixed Codes: Language codes 73 to 82 have been added to the CALPADS (language) translations. Also, icons on the translations tab have been updated and line shading has been removed. Also, while in Edit mode, only the dropdown will show (code and description) and the description textbox has been removed.
Aeries Mobile Portal AppThe list of classes and gradebooks on the Home Screen of the Aeries Mobile Portal App will now display data from multiple schools if a student was enrolled in multiple schools in the current school year.
Aeries Mobile Portal AppWhen there are restrictions in place for a student's parent records in the portal and when the parent has access to students in multiple schools, the restricted access was not always applying correctly, fixed.
Aeries Mobile Portal AppAttendance in Track Schools was not always displaying for all students, fixed.
Aeries Mobile Portal AppUsers were not able to log in using Biometric Authentication on android phones with version 2.3.11, fixed.
Data ConfirmationRestricted portal accounts no longer have access to this page.
Parent PortalMy Assignments now only shows if the user has permission to read GBK.
Next and Previous StudentWas not working when a KEEP query was active and a student's data was changed so that they were no longer included in the KEEP list, fixed.
Teacher AttendanceVisual feedback has been added to this page to avoid users leaving the page as data is saved. Also, enhanced error tracking has been added and the page will now visually warn users of errors that occur. 
Language Assessment Data ReportThe option to "Exclude English Only Students" now supports multiple codes defined as English Only "EO". Also, the Initial Fluency Test fields were overlapping the Services Received field when the option to "Print Spanish" or "Print Other" was selected.
Attendance ManagementThe option label to search students "By Student ID/name" has been changed to "By Student ID/Name". 
Weekly Attendance ReportStudents who were added or dropped had NE (not enrolled) displayed on dates that should have displayed a holiday code, fixed.
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