Known Issue - Import Data to Aeries - GRD - Fixed 1/16/2020

In some instances, records are being skipped with the message "GRD record not found" when the the matching record DOES exist in the GRD table. When this occurs, more records are being skipped with Primary Key errors than anticipated. If this happens, as a workaround, the Import Grades function can be run in AeriesCS to make sure the records are updated properly. 

Programming is looking into the issue, and we will update this notice when it is resolved. 

Update:  This issue is fixed in the 1/16/2020 update.

Hi Jan, 

Any updates on this?  I'm getting ready for grades to start up next week and I'm hoping this issue has been resolved by then.

Thank you, 

Jeff Im

Hi Jim. 

This fix is set for a Dec 19 release date if it passes QC testing. Client is available now to use. 

Will this function be updated to allow importing by SN?  Our grade files don't have ID number and I haven't been able to use the 'import data to Aeries - GRD' because of this.

Tables that are SC/SN based, like GRD, do allow importing by Student Number. There is also an option to map the SN by the Student ID.

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