Aeries Revision Notes 11/4/2019

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Livingtree CampaignsThis new page for Aeries Financials customers will empower district staff, school staff, and teachers to connect their Livingtree Campaigns by District, School, Section, or Teacher. These connected campaigns will display to parents in the parent portal.
Portal OptionsA new option has been added to enable Aeries Financials customers to be able to display Campaign Advertisements in the parent portal on a school by school basis.
Parent HomepageWhen enabled, Livingtree Campaigns will be displayed when they pertain to at least one of the parent's students.
Academic PlanDrag and Drop functionality has been added to the academic plan to allow users to more easily move courses on the plan. In addition, users now can lock and unlock courses on the academic plan in order to prevent their deletion by other users. Also, a new Subject Area Lock/Unlock feature will enable users to lock and unlock all courses in a subject area or department at once. Also, Course Request Packets for 12th grade were not displaying for an 11th grade student, fixed.
Supplemental Attendance DataThere is a new filter/option available to View Students Present for a Selected Time. Also, there is now a print button to print the Supplemental Attendance Class List report based on the selected session, date, and time.
Supplemental Attendance Class List reportThere is a new report option to print students present at a given time.
School OptionsSchool Options can now be configured on the Define Required Fields page allowing values in the LOC table to be set as required to be populated when new schools are added or when school options are edited.
SAML ConfigurationA new Default Relay State field has been added to the Service Provider form. This field is required for certain implementations where the single sign-on is initiated by clicking a link in Aeries.
Transcript DefinitionsIB test parts can now be included in the TTP definitions. Also, the CTS Subtest/Part dropdown is now using combined codes. The ELPAC and IELPAC part 0 subtest was displaying the wrong title, fixed. Also, the page has been visually enhanced.
Import DataThis page has been enhanced to allow skipping of primary key errors. Also, an option has been added to calculate the student's grade automatically.
School OptionsTwo new fields, Staff Name and Extension, have been added to School Contacts. These fields are NM and EX in the LCN table.
Update Suspendable Offense CodesThe Severity Level field will now accept a larger range of numbers. Also, the field has been adjusted to not round to the tenths place. Also, the page has been visually enhanced.
Discipline DashboardThe chart may now be downloaded as a png image file. The totals now display above each bar.
504 PlanFor elementary schools, teachers will no longer show up as "Counselors" on the Quick Add Stakeholders list. Counselors will only show up in the list if the STU.CNS field is populated.
Aeries DemoVarious areas of Aeries have been disabled when running on our Demo Server. These include: School Options (no longer able to edit school names or delete schools), Security (no longer able to save permission changes, edit or delete any account), Student Pictures (no longer able to take pictures), Student Demographics (no longer able to edit names or delete students), Mass Add Student Pictures (disabled), Portal Documents and Student Documents (no longer able to upload or edit files), Query (no longer able to use Change functionality), Query Change Command (disabled), and Multifactor Authentication Configuration (disabled).
Summary of Students reportThis report has been updated to include a new option to print by Next Program, Next School, and Next Grade.
OneRoster APIThe getUsers, getClassesForUser, and getEnrollments endpoints and users.csv and enrollments.csv files now support team teaching for both elementary and secondary schools. Also, the getCourses and getClassesForCourse endpoints were returning inactive courses in elementary schools, fixed.
Import Fees to FinancialsThe import process did not import the FEE.RID and FEE.RIN to FTD, also the total amount on the Livingtree website was incorrect after importing fees to students who had previously initiated the Payment Portal, fixed.
Parent Data ConfirmationA Free and Reduced Meal Status (FRE) record that originated from the data confirmation process was being changed if the data confirmation process was run a second time when a student transferred to another school. The system will now create a new FRE record and the previously existing FRE record is now closed out with an exit date.
SMS BuilderSummer School Course Request totals and scheduling conflicts can now be viewed.
Scheduling Conflict Matrix reportFormatting of this report has been improved.
Graduation Status By Student reportThe "Needed Credits" will now exclude "Planned Credits" when the "Hide Planned Credits" report option is checked.
Student DemographicsChanging an address was clearing the City, State, Zip, and Extn fields when the DecisionInsite API returned nothing, fixed.
Parent Portal AttendanceInformation about the Letter Log is now hidden if a user does not have permission to read LTL. Also, the Exclude from Attendance Letters option is now hidden from parents and students.
Load from GradebookThis process was not available to some teachers if they were given certain special rights, fixed.
Aeries Mobile APIUsers were unable to view Report Card History when the page was accessed from multiple devices, fixed.
UC ELC ExtractThe TES extract could not be created with certain configurations of the Aeries Reporting Service, fixed.
Assertive DisciplineThe SSA Date was updating to an earlier date if new violation information for older records was added. The process will no longer replace a newer date with an older one.
Parent Portal TranslationsSupport for translating the phrase "Welcome to the Aeries Portal" based on the login language.
School OptionsElementary schools will no longer be able to use the "Period" Attendance Type.
Aeries Mobile PortalTitan link in the Mobile Portal will be hidden when the School Options Enable Titan Parent/Student SSO is not selected.
TeachersSince the 10/3 update, the Teachers page for secondary schools had a scroll-bar activated in all views, obscuring important columns, fixed.
Seating Chart reportThe report was not printing the student pictures in an elementary school, fixed.
Administrative FunctionsThe "Update USYSGCOD (fixed codes) Table" button has been temporarily disabled.
Records Request ManagerInactive students were not displaying for certain schools, fixed.
Financial Accounting CodesCourse fee codes were not obeying their max length of 3 and accounting code values were not being populated, fixed.
CoursesType field was not displaying the description, fixed.
504 Plan reportLong Impairment Codes were being cut off and Frequency was not displaying on this report, fixed.
CCI Student SummaryVarious tool-tips and wording corrections have been made on this page.
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