10/4/2019 - SAT and SATII

SAT and SATII - The "2019-20 Data Layout for SAT and SAT Subject Tests Electronic Score Reports for High Schools and School Districts" has recently been posted to the College Board public site. No changes have been made to the file layout that will affect the Import Test Results process at this time. The current (2017-18 - 2018-19) SAT Test Results file layout can be used to import the results. College Board  will be adding two new fields to the end of each data record (District Student ID and State Student ID) on or after November 8, 2019. Once these data fields are available Programming will work on adding support for them. When you receive your SAT student results files with these additional fields if you wish to assist us in our testing process please contact us at support@aeries.com and we will provide information on where to send your database and the 2019-20 SAT data file.