Aeries Revision Notes 10/3/2019

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Import DataThe Import Data process allows users with appropriate permissions to import records into a table for many students from excel, .csv or .txt files. This item has been converted from the Client to the Web, and also allows importing data into custom tables and non-student related tables (such as Staff).
Multifactor AuthenticationAdmin users may now enable multifactor authentication for admins, teachers, or office staff. This will allow users to use an "Authentication App" (Google Authenticator, Authy, Microsoft Authenticator and others) as a 2nd layer of protection to secure their accounts.
SecurityAeries can now be configured as a SAML Identity Provider. Third-party service providers that support SAML can be configured to use Aeries for authentication.
Academic PlanThe Student Academic Plan now has a "Show All Grade Levels" option which will turn the grade level range from using the current school's grade levels to 6th through 12th. Also, the Student Academic Plan now displays information from the Transcript and Current Class Schedule. The past classes (HIS) are displayed in green and the current classes (SEC) are displayed in orange. Records from the academic plan (APC) table are displayed for only future grade levels and still display in navy blue. Also, the "Show Changes by Student/Parent" and "Show All Grade Levels" options will be remembered as users move to other students. Also, a bug was preventing course sequence application to academic plans when matching current courses are located, fixed.
CCI Student SummaryMilitary Science and State Seal of Biliteracy measures have been added to this page. Also, the new California State Course Codes are now part of the CCI logic.
CALPADS ExtractsMiscellaneous code adjustments have been performed to comply with the new code set for 2019-2020 school year. Also, the Student Programs Reconciliation (SPRG-ODS) has been updated to ignore special education records. The SSID Identifier Request was not honoring Enrollment Status "50", fixed. Adjusted extracts to only create SENR and SINF records for students with Enrollment Status "50".
TeachersThe State Course Code drop-down now has new codes and the selection is limited to the list.
CoursesThe State Course Code (CRS.C3) and New State Course Code (CRS.NC3) fields have been re-labeled to clarify its usage.
Behavioral EmergenciesAn Incident ID field has been added to this table for state reporting purposes. This field links up to the Incident ID values in the Assertive Discipline (ADS), Victims (VIC), and Witnesses (WIT) tables.
Assertive DisciplineA Behavioral Emergencies tab has been added to this page to view the Behavioral Emergency (BER) table records linked to the Assertive Discipline Incident ID. Behavioral Emergency records can be added and edited from this new tab.
Discipline IncidentsBehavioral Emergencies has been added to this page to allow for linking Behavioral Emergency (BER) records to matching Assertive Discipline (ADS), Victims (VIC), and Witnesses (WIT) records for proper state reporting.
CBEDS ORA ExtractThe academic year in the file has been updated as well as the CBEDS layout version under the Requirements tab.
Scores By ClassThe "Show Trend" option is now remembered when switching gradebooks.
TranscriptsThe Mark field on the Mass Add Records popup is now accepting 3 digit marks when a school is setup to use numeric marks.
FinancialsThe Financial Transaction page and Edbacker Auto-Sync Nightly process will now post payment transactions that were not added to Livingtree if Livingtree was disabled at the time the payment was created.
EmailsEmail addresses separated by semicolons or commas are now supported throughout the system.
SELA Conflict ReportThe report can be run now by users with admin permission to Language Assessment (LAC) table.
Aeries Mobile APIThe ERL.PV field will now be updated when users access state test scores from their mobile phone.
Records Request LetterThis report now pulls from the Registrar contact (LCN) set in the School Options > School Contacts page.
Course History InstitutionsThis page now adds missing LOC records to CHI table when the form is opened.
Aeries Mobile APIThe student locker number was added to the student endpoint to be viewed in the Aeries Mobile Portal app.
Missing ABI Attendance ReportThis report has been removed from Aeries.
SMS BoardIf a teacher had multiple sections in the same period and one of the sections was a block section, the block section was hidden, fixed. Also, when the scheduling tables are "Inactive", the users will now get a confirmation message before continuing to save changes. Also, the Reject Students button is now honoring Query KEEP/SKIP. Also, the Show Period on the Display tab is now a checklist of periods instead of period ranges. Also, a security message has been added to indicate to users when they don't have Delete permission.
OneRoster APIUnder certain conditions the wrong number of Correct Possible points were assigned within the same gradebook when multiple assignments were synced at the same time through a particular third party application.
Student ID CardsThis report was printing incorrect class end times for some students, fixed.
Teacher AttendanceSections with Split Terms of "FIRST" or "SECOND" were not displayed correctly, fixed.
Service LearningThe upload dialog box on the Service Learning Log tab is now closed after the file has been uploaded successfully.
TranscriptsUnder rare circumstances the transcript couldn't print, fixed.
Student Immunization Cards reportWhen Print to Plain Paper option is selected, the student's name and identifying information are now printed on any additional pages.
Special ProgramsThe date highlighting for the new Education Programs was incorrect, fixed.
Cal Grant ExtractThe extract was not including transcript records with Term 0 in the GPA calculation, fixed.
ImmunizationsRed highlighting for some vaccines was not accurate, fixed. TDAP immunizations were not counting for DTP requirements, fixed.
Immunizations Status ReportMissing vaccines were not accurately reported, fixed.
Various pagesThe following pages have been updated with new styles: Interventions, Pre-Referral Interventions, CAHSEE Scores, Testing Exclusions, Test Settings, College Entrance Tests, Physical Fitness Tests.
TeachersThe student search control box was not working properly for elementary schools, fixed.
Assertive DisciplineThe 504 plan message was displaying the incorrect messages, fixed.
Aeries Mobile APIThe class schedule page was not showing any data after re-opening the EM2 app that was previous closed in iOS, fixed. Also, user data was not being cached properly after a server reset, fixed.
Graduation Requirements
The character limit for a new code's description was increased from 20 to 50 characters.
Student Programs report
Services Received were not always displayed correctly, fixed.
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