Information - CALPADS PSTS Extract – Post Secondary Status - FIXED 3/12/2020

3/10/2019 Update -  PSTS extract has been updated to include students who exited in the previous academic year cohort with specific exit codes (100,120,250,320,330,360) and were identified as CTE Completers at any time during high school. This survey information was previously submitted to the CDE through the Perkins Data System (PDS) which is now retired.

Note:  Both current year and prior year databases MUST be on the same network for the PSTS extract to work properly!

Here is a link to the documentation on how to store the information in Aeries, and how to create the extract:


3/10/2019 Update -  Update to PSTS extract coming soon

The official published CFS from CALPADS stated that the PSTS survey should only be returned for graduates. However, subsequent Flash messages added other exit codes than just 100-Diploma. We just received an email from CALPADS yesterday with this response to our inquiry: 

The information on the flash is correct.  The CFS posted on system documents has yet to be updated. The CFS is incorrect and outdated. There is an updated version that mirrors the information provided in Falsh 164, the Data Guide and last year’s survey template instructions. The updated CFS is in the references of the CALPADS user manual.

Updated CFS

We are adjusting the extract now and hope to push it out in the next update release to allow the PSTS extract to extract all the proper exit codes, according to the updated guidance we just received.


1/16/2020 Update - The PSTS Extract process has been released. 

Here is a link to the documentation on how to store the information in Aeries, and how to create the extract:


11/5/2019 Update - An Update Flash has been released with updated information:

Update Flash #164 is attached at the bottom of this article.

Aeries programming is working on the changes now.  Documents and guidance will be available soon.

CALPADS PSTS Extract – Post Secondary Status

There is a new extract for the 2019/2020 school year for Post-Secondary Status Information. The extract will collect information on Career Technical Education Concentrators and Completers students who have exited in the 2018-2019 cohort and were identified as Concentrators and Completers.  This is similar to Carl Perkins E2 reporting.

California Partnership Academy Program students will also be reported in the Post-Secondary information.  There are 3 fields in the extract that will be collected:

Education Program Participation Type Code:
o 10 - California Partnership Academy Program
o 20 – Career Technical Education
o 30 – Special Education

Post-secondary Status code – CALPADS Code Set for Postsecondary Status
o A coded value representing the student's postsecondary status after exiting secondary education.

CTE Related Program or Employment Indicator – Y/N
o An indication of whether or not the postsecondary education, employment, or training is related to the Career Technical Education (CTE) pathway that the student participated in prior to completing grade 12.

The PSTS extract is planned for Fall 2 submission  - March 2020, collecting data for prior year academic year.

Aeries is evaluating the extract now. We will be adding new Secondary Student Data (SSD) fields and will program the extract to pull from the prior year database.

Note:  Special Education completer Post-Secondary information will be reported at the End of Year (EOY) from the Special Education Data Systems.


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Is there an update on this extract in Aeries yet?

Hi Leslie,

Development will start soon for the PSTS Extract.  We are currently working on updating the CRSE file with all the new Course Attribute fields.  We are hoping to have the CRSE file available at the beginning of December.

Do we at least have a place in Aeries where responses can be submitted yet?  Our CTE folks want to start calling students now, and having a place to record this information directly in Aeries would be super helpful to avoid double data entry.

Hi Anita, 

We are planning on adding a new field on the Secondary Student Data page, Perkins tab for the Post-Secondary Status.  This will be available in our next update planned for Friday.

An article has been added with information on the Post Secondary Status (PSTS) Extract.

Also, we have received clarification from the CDE that the file should include only CTE Completer students.  Previously, the documentation stated that Concentrator and Completer students should be included.

If you go to the Aeries Version Revision Notes forum on our support website, you can click to "Follow" the topic and you will be sent a notification when new updates are released. URL: 

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