Known Issue - Mobile Portal App - Inconsistent Blank Screens - Fixed 10/8/2019

Updated Information: The 10/8/2019 Aeries Web update resolved the blank screen issue on the Mobile Portal Grades and Attendance pages and various pages on the EM2 app. If parents or staff continue to see blank pages please have them log out of the app and back in again rather than just close the app or let the phone go to sleep. Logging out and in will create a new token with the current user permissions.

Aeries Revision Notes 10/8/2019 

Known Issue

Some users are experiencing inconsistent data results from the Aeries Mobile Portal App on the most recent version, 9/18/2019.  An example is sometimes when viewing the Grades screen it appears blank.   These instances are happening when the server is located behind a load balancer.

Programming is working on the fix now and hoping to ship on 10/3/2019.

Any status on this? I still have parents with issues.

Was this fix released yet? I'm still getting scattered reports of students and parents with issues using the Mobile App. We're still only seeing version 2.2.3 of the app (released 1 month ago, so sometime in September) available in App Store. On version 10.8 of Aeries (hosted client).

Thanks for providing an update and/or ETA.



Any updates. Parents are still having issues with the App. All they see is a blank screen. No data to display.

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