Known Issue - SSID Request is not including the new Enrollment Status Code of 50 - Non ADA - Fixed 10/4/2019

FIXED in the 10/4/2019 Update -  The SSID Identifier Request was not honoring Enrollment Status "50".  

Known Issue

The new 50 Non-ADA Enrollment Status code, used for Special Education Infants and Toddlers and Private School students, is not being recognized when running the CALPADS SSID request file and the students are not included in the file. 

In addition, programming is also working on having students with the 50 Non-ADA code enrollment status excluded from the SPRG and SELA extracts when running the Enrollment Update process for CALPADS.   Students with the 50 Non-ADA enrollment status are only required to be reported in the SENR and SINF extracts.

Both of these issues will be fixed in the next update.

Work-around for now:  

1. Temporarily change the CALPADS Code Translation for the 50 Non-ADA Enrollment Status code to a 10 - Primary Enrollment, so the students will extract in the SSID Request file (SENR).  

2. In the SSID Request file (SENR) file that is generated for the new SSID requests, manually change the Enrollment Status from 10 to a 50 for these students.  

3.  Submit to CALPADS

3. Remember to change the CALPADS Code Translation back to the 50 Non-ADA Enrollment Status code.

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