Known Issue - UC ELC Extract - TES Extract Creation Error - Fixed 11/4/2019

Update: This issue was resolved in the 11/4/2019 Aeries Web update 

In certain circumstances attempting to create the TES extract in the UC ELC Extract page produces an error. This occurs when a district has the Aeries Reporting Server running on a separate server than the Aeries installation. Programming is working on an update to fix this. 

In the meantime there are two work-arounds:

1. If the TES extract is not needed at the time, then uncheck that option prior to creating the other extracts... 

2. If the TES extract is needed, then the IT Administrator can copy the Templates folder within the Aeries install path into the Reporting Server. NOTE: the drive letters for the 2 paths need to be the same. So if in the Aeries server the Template folder is on Drive D, then it will also need to be in Drive D on the Reporting Server.

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