Known Issue - Cal Grant Extract not including Term 0 Transcript records in GPA Calculation - Fixed 10/4/2019

Updated Information:  the 10/3/2019 Aeries Web update (released on 10/4/2019) resolves this issue: 

The Aeries Web Cal Grant Extract is not including the Term 0 transcript records in the GPA calculation. Programming is working on an update to fix this.

Currently the Client Cal Grant form is still available and can be used to create the extract.

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Hi, Sylvia,

One of our high school AP's can not run Cal Grant GPA Export. The AP group already have "Read" right;  There's no "Update" right and the only other one available is "Administrator". In order for him to be able to run "Create Cal Grant Extract", do I need to give him that right? Thanks.


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