Aeries Revision Notes 9/17/2019

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Lunch Balance NotificationsThis new feature is available to Aeries Communications customers who also use TITAN School Solutions. After the feature is configured by an administrator, parents can use the Aeries Parent Portal to sign up for Weekly Balance Information and/or Low Balance Alerts that will be delivered on a scheduled basis. Balance information will be pulled directly from TITAN via an API, and notifications will be delivered via the Aeries Communications platform.
ContactsDistricts and Schools using Aeries Communications can now update the Notification Preferences of users from the Contacts page in Aeries. There is a new Icon on the Contacts page for the Notification Settings. This will be especially helpful when a parent requests that the school adjust these preferences for them.
CALPADS ExtractsThe SENR Extract has been updated to include the new Non-ADA enrollment status (code 50). Also, the SPRG extract has been updated to include the new Education Program codes (301-306). These codes are available in the Special Programs page. Also, there are new options on the Code Translation tab to allow translating the new enrollment status and education program codes. Additionally, a new Post Secondary / Transition Status dropdown has been added under the Other Options tab, SENR Indicators.
Special EducationA new Post-Secondary / Transition Status field (CSE.PSI) has been added to this page (both the Old and New versions). This is to allow tracking students using a field that is different than the existing Post Secondary Program and Post Secondary Employed fields (CSE.PSP and CSE.PSE).
Google IntegrationA new option on the Google Apps Integration page will allow Google Account caching to be offloaded to the Reporting Server. Also, caching will now store data into the new DistrictCache table in the Aeries SQL DB to avoid interruption due to app pool recycles. Also, on the maintenance tab there is a new option to manually refresh the current cache and to list the accounts which currently reside in cache. Also, the user interface has been updated with more current styles.
School OptionsFields and Settings involved in State Reporting are now highlighted on this page when that user setting is enabled.
Standards Based Standards ReportThis report is now available to Secondary Schools and no longer truncates longer standards. Also, the Include Inactive Standards option was not working correctly, fixed.
Ed-Fi BetaThe 3 Cohort-related entities (Cohort, CohortStudentAssociation and CohortStaffAssociation) are now configured to be able to sync just changes to the ODS. Also, the Discipline Incident data set now includes 3 new non-required fields: Incident Time, Reported to Law Enforcement, and Weapons.
Student ID Cards reportA new option has been added to this report for Elementary Schools to "Print Teacher" instead of "Print Class Times".
Course AttendanceThe Course ID can now be changed if Alt Ed Scheduling is enabled for the current school.
DecisionInsiteDecisionInsite has removed SSO functionality and so this feature has been removed from Aeries. Also, DecisionInsite address validation enhancements have been made to speed up the validation and give better messaging. Also, some incorrect addresses were giving an invalid license key error, fixed.
Special EducationNew SELPA Codes have been added to the dropdown lists and are now sorted by their code value.
My TasksThis feature will now allow users to add more than 10 entries.
Enrollment HistoryThe Other District Enrollment tab will now be hidden if the user does not have permission to read the ODE table.
CoursesThe Course Description and Course Notes fields have been widened and the text in these fields has been left-aligned when in read mode.
Aeries Mobile Portal App APISome students were not able to view their assignments or attendance when the student attended two school during a school year or who had student records in multiple schools, fixed.
Attendance by PhotoOn dates with custom bell schedules, at certain times during the day, some teachers were unable to take attendance, fixed.
FinancialsThe amount of a charged transaction did not calculate correctly after applying a balance adjustment transaction toward a partially paid charged transaction, fixed.
OneRoster CSVThe birthDate header column in Demographics.csv file was not in the correct case, fixed.
Online Enrollment ImportContact emails for Parent/Guardian contacts were not importing when Emergency Contact email collection was disabled on the Online Enrollment side, fixed.
Aeries ServiceWhen the optional Birthplace question was set to 'Yes' in Online Enrollment, the setting was not being honored and Birthplace was not imported, fixed.
GradebookIn period attendance schools, Attendance on the Assignment Due Date and Attendance on the Assignment Assigned Date are now using student class period instead of gradebook period to look up student attendance info.
AttendanceSince the 8/8/2019 version, absence codes using "OTHER" as their description could not be changed, fixed.
Weekly Progress EmailA "+" was displaying in front of Rubric grades, fixed.
Enrollment by Teacher reportThis report was skipping Teachers who had names (TE) longer than 15 characters when 'Sort By Teacher Name' was not selected, fixed.
Records Request ManagerSince the version of Aeries, the District name and School name were not saving to the RRQ table when using the Records Request Manager. District Name is now deprecated and School Name is now called Institution Name. Also, Institutions that are not in the drop down list can be entered manually.
Aeries Mobile APIAfter tapping the OK button in the Data Confirmation message within the Aeries Mobile Portal app, the user was not automatically logged in to the Aeries Portal from the browser, fixed.
StandardsThe Display Tree option was not loading the tree when the radio button was selected, fixed.
Mass Add Student Related DataAn internal table called "AnalyticsCTE" was being displayed, fixed.
Parent Portal Weekly Progress EmailsThe parent option to receive weekly progress emails was being displayed even though the district had not enabled this feature, fixed.
Scheduling Reject Analysis Listing reportThe period dashes were misaligned, fixed. Also, for improved readability, shading was added to the Per Avail column.
Gain and Loss ReportGrade Level in the page header was not always displaying correctly, fixed.
Student Withdrawal Form ReportThe Course ID and Course Name were not being displayed properly, fixed.
Student Transcript ReportColumn borders have been made thicker.
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