Known Issue - Online Enrollment not importing some data - Fixed 9/17/2019

Update:  This issue had been resolved with the 9/17/2019 update.  See Revision Notes.

There are currently two known issues with some pieces of data being missing for students being imported from Online Enrollment.

Parent/Guardian email addresses may not import if the option to ask for contact email addresses is turned off (or is blank). If this option is set to Yes, the email addresses should be imported without issue.

There are also reports of Birthplace information not importing including Birth Country, Birth City, and Birth State, even when the option to ask these questions is set to Yes.

Both of these issues are being investigated by programming, and will be fixed in a future update once the exact problem is identified.

As a workaround, the data can be viewed on the final confirmation page for the previously imported students.

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Thanks for this information. Where is the option to turn on/off email import to contact screen? When did this option become available? 

The option is in the adminstrative area of Online Enrollment. By default, it is set to "No."  It has been available as an option for a few years.


Thank James!  We have the option set to No because we don't want an email address for every contact. We are an elementary district and only allow parent/guardians to have a portal account so therefore only need parent/guardian email addresses', not one for every contact.  Will await a resolution from programming as this is a current issue for our district. ;-)

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Finally! And...what Terri stated directly above.

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