Known Issue - Student Withdrawal Form not displaying Course ID and Course Title fields - Fixed 9/17/2019

Update:  This issue had been resolved with the 9/17/2019 update.  See Revision Notes

Student Withdrawal Form is no longer displaying the Course ID and Course Title fields when selecting the option to Include Classes. Programming is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

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Does the most recent update fix this bug?

The Update last night (8/10) was specific to OneRoster items. The fix for this issue is in QC testing now and will be shipped as soon as possible once it passes testing.

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The form looks different from my login and the registrar login  

This is what the registrar see:


This is what I see.


The difference in the report is because of where it was accessed. There is a link on the bottom of the Student Demographics page called Student Reports, and Withdrawal Form is accessible there. This will print for only the current student, so the other options (Active/Inactive, date range, etc.) are not necessary. When you go to Reports and access the Student Withdrawal Form Report has full options there, and will print the reports for multiple students. 

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