Aeries Revision Notes 9/6/2019

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Import Test ResultsThis page has been updated to allow the import of the 2019-20 Initial ELPAC Student Score data file. The IELPAC files are downloaded from ETS as Excel (.xlsx) files. They must be converted to Comma Delimited (.csv) files before being imported into Aeries.
CoursesSix new fields along with their code sets have been added to the page to support CALPADS changes for 2019-2020. The new fields are Content Subcategory, Standards Grade Range, Content Standards Alignment, Charter Non-Core, Advanced Crs State Code, Middle School Core.
Master Schedule / Scheduling MasterSeven new fields along with their code sets have been added to the pages to support CALPADS changes for 2019-2020. The new fields are Content Subcategory, Charter Non-Core, Advanced Crs State Code, Online Instruction Type, Middle School Core, Non-Credentialed Authorization, High Quality CTE Crs.
CALPADS ExtractsThe Special Education information has been removed from the Student Programs (SPRG) extract. Also, the SENR indicators have been added to the SSID Request extract.
CoursesNew State Course Codes have been added to Aeries. The CDE made additional, unplanned changes to the codes after their initial release. Please double check all your courses to ensure they have a valid state course code.
State Course Code TransitionThe course code mappings on this page have been updated. The original set of course code mappings released by the CDE had errors that this update corrects. Please double check all your courses to ensure they have a valid state course code.
Sys Admin FunctionsThe Fix ENR process has now been added to this page.
Assets Checked Out To Students VerticalThis is a newly converted report from the Aeries Client. It is displays Assets checked out by students in a list layout. This replaces the Print Textbooks Checked Out to Students/Vertical report in Client.
Assets Checked Out To Students N Per PageThis is a newly converted report from the Aeries Client. This replaces the Print Textbooks Checked Out to Students/2, 3, 4 per page report in Client. It can also be sorted vertically when the option to Sort by Class is selected.
Electronic Score Report ManagerThis page now has the ability to print the electronic score reports of students in bulk. New filters were added to the table to view students with particular Status (STU.TG) tags, Do Not Release (DNR) Students, or Viewed Reports. 
Electronic Score Report ProcessingA language could not be removed once selected and saved, fixed. The scheduled process will now check if a school's SERT is enabled before defaulting to the district SERT. 
State Test Scores ReportWhen a parent downloads/views the report of their child, the new Parent Viewed flag in Electronic Report Log (ERL.PV) will be marked as viewed.
Ed-Fi BetaThe Cohort, Staff Cohort Association, and Student Cohort Association entities have been implemented. Aeries can now upload and retrieve this information from the Ed-Fi ODS. Also, the reconciliation and synchronization enhancement has been implemented for most of the remaining entities. Also, Ed-Fi table and field descriptions have been added to the configuration files so they will appear in pages such as Database Definitions.
Records Request Log changesRecords Request Manager - This page was previously called Records Request Log. It can now be found under Student Data - Records Requests. A new course history institutions drop-down is now available in the pop-up when a user is adding/modifying a records request. The control pulls stored institution data from the CHI table. Upon selecting an institution, the address and contact fields are auto-populated. If the institution is not in CHI, the user may add it in the Course History Institutions page via a link in the drop-down.
College Entrance Tests ReportA new option to print IB Test has been added to this page.
QueryUsers can now query the Date Timestamp (DTS) field for any table.
Scheduling Course Request Listing reportThis report now honors KEEP/SKIP.
HomeThe Teacher Resource Center widget on the homepage has been updated to include additional helpful links, plus direct links to documentation.
Aeries Mobile APIModifications have been made to Aeries Mobile API to support upcoming Aeries Teacher App features.
ENR UpdatingSecondary Schools will no longer have the ENR.TE field populated with "Unassigned". Instead, that field will be blank.
Assertive DisciplineThe Administrative Decisions section has been enhanced to warn a user if they populate Hours, but not Days for Suspensions and Expulsions.
Aeries Mobile APIChanges were made to log more information into the Portal Usage Log (PHL) table when the Report Card History is viewed on the Aeries Mobile portal app.
NSLP ImportIf the import file contained records for a prior academic year - 7/1/20xx - 6/30/20xx - unwanted FRE records were created, fixed. Prior year records in the file will now be skipped.
TeachersFor elementary schools, the Input button wasn't updating the Total Students count, fixed.
Master Schedule / Scheduling Master / SMS Board / MST BoardTotal student counts for a section are now updated when the section is selected, when students are added, and when students are dropped.
CSU Eligibility ReportThe header of the second page was displaying incorrect student info when the report required 2 pages per student, fixed.
DemographicsUsing "Transfer Student" to add a student was blanking out the student first name, fixed.
QueryQuery was giving errors when a three character field name was entered after the table, fixed. Also, CHANGE query was not working when using " " to clear out a field, fixed.
Class Roster / Weekly Attendance ReportsThese reports now display Student ID instead of Student Number. They also now honor KEEP/SKIP queries.
Attendance by PhotoThe 'Mark Present' button now honors the portal options both in functionality and labeling.
Student DemographicsWhen using DecisionInsite for Address Validation on the Demographics page, addresses that cannot receive mail had the potential to give the error "Address does NOT exist". Now those addresses will give a more appropriate warning: "USPS does not deliver mail to this address".
Aeries Mobile APIIn certain circumstances, users were unable to log onto TITAN from the Aeries Mobile Portal app.
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