Aeries Revision Notes 8/30/2019

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Aeries NavigationThe Aeries Navigation Area can now be navigated using the keyboard with the Up, Down, and Enter keys. Also, the load time for the navigation area has been reduced and additional filtering enhancements have been made.
Google IntegrationCaching of large Google API objects has been offloaded to be a background process.
Absence Verification WorksheetsThis new report is a web version of the old client report - Print Readmit Slips (for All Students). It has been renamed to better reflect its usage.
Student FinancialsA button has been added to display the financial payment schedule in the Aeries Web Portal.
District Student LookupGenerating an Elementary Transcript report is now available from this screen, fixed.
Fees by Student reportThis report now displays asset information instead of textbook data. The option was displaying asset/resources but the report was still using Textbook data. Also, when enabling the option to "show paid fees" the dates were displaying and did not look good, fixed.
Student Asset FeesWhen adding a new fee the URL was redirecting to the page with all lower case and not matching the case of the URL in the Navigation, fixed. Also, additional user interface cleanup to this page has been made. Also, fees paid on the end date of the date range defined would sometimes not be displayed, fixed.
Financial TransactionsUsers can now deselect pre-scheduled courses on the Import Course Fees window.
OneRoster APIThe data being returned from most OneRoster endpoints was not being returned in a consistent order, fixed.
GATEThe comment boxes in GATE, GATE Referrals and GATE Tests now handle basic formatting such as extra spacing and line returns.
Physical Fitness Test ResultsThe tabs and buttons on this page have been updated to the new style.
Physical Fitness Test Error reportStudents who are flagged as No Show or Pre-enrolled are now excluded from this report.
CASEMIS ImportThe import process was not working with the latest SPED and SSRV file formats due to recent changes in field names, fixed.
Career Pathways ManagementIf CRS.C3 had alpha characters, students did not load on the page properly, fixed. Also, logic to load courses with valid state-defined CTE course codes has now been moved to Aeries Fixed Codes. California schools will only see courses with state codes between 7000-8999.
CoursesWhen the state code of a course (CRS.C3) is updated, the associated level (CCP.LVL) on the Career Pathways Management page is now also updated.
Student DemographicsNew Students will now default the name fields to a blank instead of a "_" (underscore). Behind the scenes, the record is still initialized with "_" values in the name fields but they are not displayed when editing that new record.
Define Required FieldsStudent Demographics is now displayed at the top of the list. Also, the SX field has been removed and a Save button has been added to the top of the page.
Student DemographicsThis page was not displaying completely in the Parent Portal, fixed.
Student Hearing Record reportThe frequency headers were not printing on the report, fixed.
HearingThis page has been updated with new button styles.
ClassesAdding students to a Wait List from the View MST popup was requiring users to have Update permissions to MST instead of just Insert to AWL, fixed.
Parent Data ConfirmationIn Safari and Firefox, authorizations had the potential to not save AUT records after the first time a parent confirmed their authorizations step, fixed.
Staff Schedules reportThis report was combining teachers with the same name, fixed.
Staff Schedules reportA line break has been added in between courses to improve readability. Also, this report was printing incorrect subject areas when selecting the option to Group by Subject Area, fixed.
Classes / Course AttendanceWhen logged in as a Teacher, the option to Copy Grade To Transcript on the Issue Credit popup was setting the term to 0 regardless of the Term selection, fixed.
ImmunizationsThe 2nd Update button was not functioning properly, fixed.
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