Known Issue – Query statements with 3-character fields/values & quotes - Fixed 9/6/2019

Update:  This issue was fixed in the 9/6/2019 update.  

As of the 8/23/2019 version of Aeries, Query is not recognizing 3-character fields or values in the main query statement. It is displaying a warning about “Error - Invalid table code” underneath the query box and the Run button is disabled. The programmers are working on this issue. Until a fix is released, here are some work-arounds: 

The easiest work-around for a 3-character field name is to type the table name in front of the field (i.e. STU.EOY instead of EOY)

If you are using a saved LIST Query, try loading it and immediately hitting Enter or the Run button. Or, if you are typing the query and see the error message, you can try highlighting the query the query text, hit CNTL-C to Copy, hit the New button, and hit CNTL-V to Paste, and immediately hit the Enter or Run key. This sometimes allows the Query to process.

The issue with values in quotes occurs when the value inside the quote marks is LESS than 3 characters. So, this query string is NOT working: CHANGE STU U5 TO "B" IF U5 = "F" however if you remove the quote marks, it WILL work: CHANGE STU U5 TO B IF U5 = F

If you wish a value to appear in your output, and the value is only two characters, you can get the value to appear by putting a space inside the quotes: LIST STU ID NM GR "10 "

A CHANGE query will not process if you are trying to blank out a field (such as a User Field) at this time (using either TO "" or TO " "). It may appear as if it works, but the values are not changed. The only work around at this time is to output a list of the items you wish to change: ( LIST STU ID U5 IF U5 > " "  ), then click the Change button, and edit the field manually. Notice the query will run because the " " is part of the IF statement, and not the main query statement.

Our sites were running a very simple Query


We just changed it to


We ran into this and this seems to work.

Same here. Adding the table in front worked for us as well.

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