Aeries Revision Notes 8/23/2019

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Define Required FieldsThis new page allows Aeries admins to define certain fields as required, which prevents users from saving before they are populated. Fields defined as required are highlighted in light blue. This feature was converted from the Aeries Client.
Define Custom CaptionsCustom captions is a new page where Aeries admins can define captions for many user defined fields in the system. This feature was converted from the Aeries Client.
CALPADS ExtractsThe Student Gender (STU.GN) field has been added to the Code Translations tab to allow translating Non-binary gender codes in Aeries to the accepted CALPADS code of "X". The SENR, SPRG, SINF, SELA, SCSE, SCSC, STAS, and SIAD extracts have been adjusted to handle the new Non-binary gender code. Additionally, under some circumstances, the SINF extract could create a record with an empty CDS code, fixed.
SELA Conflict ReportThe report has been adjusted to handle the Non-binary gender code.
Administrative FunctionsThis is a new page intended to hold tasks/processes that should only be performed by a user with 'admin' rights. Currently, there is only one process available which populates the USYSGCOD table with the current fixed codes definitions.
StandardsA new Rubric Values Configuration tab has been added to this page for future use. This section allows users to define custom Rubric Values with alphanumeric marks, numeric values and descriptions. The custom Rubric Values can be associated with a standard on the standards tab of this page. Also, a new Rubric Values Type field has been added to the standard definition.  
FinancialsA new code level security feature has been added that allows the system administrator to config the Use and View permissions based on financial codes. Settings can be adjusted on the Financial Accounting Codes page. The following pages and reports are implemented with code level security: Query page, Financial Transactions page, Add Fee in the Financial Transactions page, Import Financial Transactions page, Mass Add Financial Transactions page, Financial Statement Report, Financial Transaction History Report and Financial Transactions by Date Report.
Ed-Fi BetaThe reconciliation and synchronization framework has been implemented to improve ODS update performance. This process applies to Student, School, Student School Association and Student School Combination entity resources. Also, the CurrentSchoolYear property has been added to several entities. Also, an issue with Update/Insert Student Special Programs Resources has been fixed.
Aeries Mobile APIModifications have been made to the Aeries Mobile API to support the upcoming Aeries Teacher App v1.
Classes - OldAdjustments have been made to prevent unintended data entry.
Assertive DisciplineUnder rare circumstances, this page would generate an error if the record sequence is invalid, fixed.
Attendance DashboardWhen there were no students in a school, this page was not able to load, fixed.
Various pagesAfter adding a new school without adding any students, viewing the following pages resulted in an error:
Emergency Contacts, Individualized Academic Plan, Student Academic Plan, Student Profile, Attendance Enrollment, Student Grades, Physical Fitness Test Results, Classes Old, Siblings, Student Demographic Update Information, fixed.
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