Information - CALPADS Information for the 2019/2020 School Year

CALPADS Information

Course and SMS/MST Changes:

Programming is currently working on updating Aeries with the new fields and codes for the 2019/2020 school year.  Many new fields will be added to the Course (CRS), Master Schedule (MST) and Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) pages.  

We are hoping to have the new fields and codes available by early September and will provide query statements to help populate the new fields with the Query Change function.

Update:  The new Course (CRS), Master Schedule (MST) and Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) fields are available in the update dated 9/6/2019: 

Discipline Changes:

After the Course changes are released we will work on the Discipline Extract restructure.  There will be 3 new extracts to replace the Student Discipline (SDIS) file:

  • Student Incident (SINC) File, in which LEAs report all incidents: (1) resulting in the use of physical restraint, mechanical restraint, or seclusion; and (2) in which a statutory offense is committed.
  • Student Incident Result (SIRS) File, in which LEAs report all results for each incident. Each incident should have at least one corresponding SIRS record for each student who were restrained or secluded, or who committed an offense
  • Student Offense (SOFF) File, in which LEAs report the statutory student offense (Student Offense code) that was committed for any incidents in which a statutory offense was committed. LEAs are required to report all statutory offenses, regardless of the result type (e.g., regardless of whether the student was suspended or expelled). 

Note:  The CALPADS Code Set has not been published on the CDE/CALPADS website but we are updating Aeries from Code Set posted on the Vendor Site.  


The CALPADS Code Sets and File Layouts were posted to the CDE/CALPADS website on August 23rd with the date of July 1st.  Programming is working on adding the new Course (CRS), Master Schedule (MST) and Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) fields and codes now and are planning on shipping the update next week.

I want to wrap up all the course code changes and add the attributes. Where do we stand with aeries updating? Do we have directions on how to add the attributes? Is there a query change function for the attributes that need to be added to all the new course codes?

Hi Kelley,

We added the new fields and codes on the 9/6/2019 update:

Master Schedule / Scheduling Master

Seven new fields along with their code sets have been added to the pages to support CALPADS changes for 2019-2020. The new fields are Content Subcategory, Charter Non-Core, Advanced Crs State Code, Online Instruction Type, Middle School Core, Non-Credentialed Authorization, High Quality CTE Crs.


New State Course Codes have been added to Aeries. The CDE made additional, unplanned changes to the codes after their initial release. Please double check all your courses to ensure they have a valid state course code.

We will be posting Query statements soon to help with populating the new fields.

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