8/20/2019 CALPADS Changes for the 2019/2020 School Year

CALPADS Information

Programming is currently working on updating Aeries with the new fields and codes for the 2019/2020 school year.  Many new fields will be added to the Course (CRS), Master Schedule (MST) and Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) pages.  

We are hoping to have the new fields and codes available by early September and will provide query statements to help populate the new fields with the Query Change function.

The CALPADS extracts in Aeries and the Code Translations will be updated after the new fields and codes are released.

Note:  The CALPADS Code Set has not been published on the CDE/CALPADS website but we are updating Aeries from Code Set posted on the Vendor Site.  

Are Code Translations updated yet?  It seems we're unable to add translations for the new LIP codes, i.e. PGM.CD 301-306 or so.

It is working correctly for our school district (hosted).

Here's what I'm seeing - maybe I just need a version update if it was a recent change?  


But among student programs...


We don't have it in the code translation wither but it loads to Calpads with zero problem


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