Aeries Revision Notes 8/15/2019

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Student GroupsStudents were not displaying when in edit mode, fixed.
Google IntegrationWhen certain long processes like "Create External IDs for All Students" would run they had the potential to return an error since the 8.8 version, fixed.
Student DemographicsThe Google account linking options had the potential to fail to link to an existing Google account, fixed.
EmailWhen errors occurred after being sent out to the districts SMTP server they would not return to Aeries and an EML record would be created with no "to address", now the EML record will not be created and instead an error message will be logged in the LOG table.
ContactsThe lock field would lock records when a blank space was used, fixed.
Parent PortalThe Full Contact List option would display red flagged contacts in red to parents, fixed.
OneRoster APIThe beginDate and endDate in Enrollments were changed to output using yyyy-mm-dd format.
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