Known Issue - Online Enrollment Documents not displaying documents when only 1 school is selected - Fixed 8/12/2019

When portal documents visibility is set to display to only a single school, that document is not displayed to parents in Online Enrollment. If more than one school is selected, the document displays fine. This issue only applies to Aeries Online Enrollment. It does not apply to the parent portal Data Confirmation process.

An immediate workaround for this issue is to select more than one school. Selecting the Inactive school in addition to the intended school is a valid workaround.

Programming has identified this issue, and it is currently being tested. We hope to release a version of Online Enrollment with this fix soon. This post will be updated once it ships.

Hi, Kevin,

Thanks for the notice of this issue.  On the CS revision note of 8-8-19 Version, it says, "New tables and fields have been added to Aeries, please see the Web Detailed Revision Notes and Client Recent Database Changes for more information.". However, I don't find any new table names listed on the CS Recent DB Changes.  There were 5 new tables on 7/26/19 version, but not on 8/8/19.  Please advise.Thanks. 

Hi Katie, if they aren't noted in the web revision notes, then they'll be noted in the Client Recent Database Changes, available here: 

Hi, Kevin,

That (Client Recent Database Changes) was the place I meant/checked.  It does NOT indicate any new tables (except few new fields) for 8/8/19 revision, nor on the web version.  If there is no new tables but only fields, please fix the CS revision notes so users won't be confused.  Thanks.

This issue was resolved with the 8/12/2019 Online Enrollment update that has just been posted.

Hi, Kevin,

Glad to know that On-Line Enrollment Document problem has been solved yesterday, 8-12-19.  However, when I checked the revision notes as well as trying to download the revision, the notes on Web version still says 8-8-19 version and the programs are for Aug. 9, 2019.

Shall I wait? Or the update of 8/12/19 has been included?  Thanks.

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