Aeries Revision Notes 8/9/2019

*** This update has a version date of 8/8/2019, but the files on the website may be dated from 8/9/2019.  This is ok. 

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Records Transfer ImportTranscripts can now be sorted by selecting the column headers. The tabs for the import process now display horizontally. Also, after importing a dataset the screen would not refresh until the import button was clicked a 2nd time, fixed.
Records Transfer Incoming RequestsWhen releasing student records, if courses are not associated with a CHI record that has a CDS code, the record will no longer be able to be released until that is corrected. Also, phone numbers had the potential to be formatted incorrectly, fixed. Also, when releasing student records, if a CDS code is not blank but does not exist in our centralized directory that data will still be sent to the requesting district. Also, when releasing student testing records there was a potential for records with no testing administrations to be flagged as a duplicate and omitted, fixed.
Records Transfer Request RecordsBy default, districts with Records Transfer turned off will not display in the search results and can optionally be shown. The State ID label will no longer show when the State ID for the student is blank. When confirming a request there is now an option to return to your previous search results.
Records Transfer Course CrosswalkThis page had the potential to display courses as matched when they were actually matched to a different school, fixed.
Copy Data from Summer SchoolThis page is a new feature in Aeries Web that duplicates the functionality of the "Copy Aeries Data From Summer Schools/CS" and "Update History From Summer Schools Grades/CS" forms in the Aeries Client.
Google IntegrationGoogle Classroom Integration, including creating classrooms and importing scores to the gradebook, had not been functioning since Google made a recent change to their Directory API, fixed. Google accounts are now cached and updated locally in Aeries to increase responsiveness and decrease API hits. Also, accounts outside of the Student domain root OU were not able to sync, fixed.
Student DemographicsThe Student's Google account options now has a loading box to indicate when the content has been completely loaded before displaying the options. Also, the link and unlink buttons would sometimes not refresh in the UI properly, fixed.
Initialize ATT/CARThe Attendance initialization process is now multi-threaded to improve performance.
Student SearchThe Student Search has been further enhanced to make "Fuzzy Search" a user option, defaulting to off. Also, the ability to search for first or last names that contain spaces has been added (ex. De La Cruz, Mc Carthy, or Jean Claude). The "Fuzzy Search Results" option controls whether or not a result set will include: Similar names (e.g. "John" includes Jon, Sean, and Shawn), Reverse names (e.g. "Jesse James" includes James Jesse), and Partial names (e.g. "El" includes "Kelly"). Please note the Fuzzy Search is not required to include Begins-with or Ends with names ("Smith" including Smith-Johnson and Johnson-Smith), Aliases, or Middle Names. The Fuzzy Search logic has been updated to limit the results even further based on similar starting letters within the results set. The "No Results Found" area now includes a message to "Try using Fuzzy Search to see potential matches". 
Online Enrollment ImportOptional fields which are disabled will no longer import or override when matching to an existing student or importing a new student, even if the value is blank. Also, the Student State ID is now displayed for all students and is appropriately named. During the Online Enrollment Import there is a district search for existing students, this search area would return an error when birthdate was not used in the search, fixed.
Import Test ResultsImporting Physical Fitness Tests now properly updates the Test Admin for students who did not take the test. Also, the School Taken field is now populated with the school code from the results file.
Student Count (CBEDS) reportA new option has been added to this report to run for "NSLP/EL". This had been an available feature in the Aeries Client that was converted.
UC ELC ExtractTwo additional extracts have been added to this page: "TES", which is now in XLSX format and "FN".
CalendarSeveral visual enhancements have been made to this page including a full width absence code summary and spacing between categories in the legend. Also, when locking/unlocking a month all DAY records for the whole month will be updated now instead of each record individually.
Calendar Holiday CodesHoliday Code analysis has been modified to consider any holiday code other than Minimum Day ("%") and Parent Conference ("+") as a non-school day. Please note this was already the case in most processes, though some were counting Parent Conference as a holiday. Multi-Track schools had the potential to count a track's Minimum Day or Parent Conference as a holiday if the main calendar's holiday code was anything other than School Holiday ("#") or School Not In Session ("@"), fixed.
Attendance by PhotoStudents were marked with a P in negative attendance schools when the Mark Remaining Students Present button was used, fixed.
OneRoster APIPerformance of the GetUsers endpoints have been improved.
Aeries Mobile APISTU.HP (Student Health Problems) has been added to the Search Results for EM2. This will be added to the EM2 app soon.
Aeries HelpThere are new icons for the Help and Table/Field Info links at the top of each page. Also, the index of help links is now stored in a cloud-storage service for better performance and reliability.
Various PagesThe information provided by the Info button on certain pages (e.g., Import Test Results) has been migrated to the Information and Page Status forum on Also, this Info icon has been moved to the page header where the other icons such as Favorite are located.
Aeries Software Revision NotesThis item under Reports now links to the Aeries Revision Notes forum on
Ed-Fi BetaThe Student Special Education Program Association and Student Title I Part A Program Association entities have been implemented. Aeries can now upload and retrieved this information from the Ed-Fi ODS.
Discipline DashboardA column for the Referrer has been added to the details export.
Aeries Mobile APIAdjustments have been made to support future enhancements to the Aeries Financials features of the Aeries Mobile Portal App.
Import Test ScoresThis page has been updated to handle additional code updates to the CSN table. Currently, there is logic only for the "CAASPP Interim Assessment 2017/18 - 2018/19" layout. With this update, five new parts (17-21) are being added to the IAB Math. Also, some descriptions for IAB ELA and IAB Math are included to match the most recent list provided by CDE.
SBCSS - 9600 State Median Income fixEESD-9600 Report - The State Median Income for the EESD-9600 report was not being properly determined based on the Family Start Date, fixed.

AttendanceWhen adding or editing Attendance Notes for an Off-Campus Pass, it took multiple tabs to get from the comment field to the Time to Leave field, fixed.
Staff and Staff OldThe "Total Year in This District" field heading has been changed to read: "Total Years in This District".
Student GroupsThe "Use this Group" feature was always choosing the first student group available on the page instead of the group selected, fixed.
Course RequestsSince the 1/30 update, Student Scheduling Exclusions were not always being honored, fixed.
Schedule All StudentsSince the 1/30 update, Student Scheduling Exclusions were not always being honored, fixed. Also, some reject reasons were not always being correctly saved to students, fixed.
Student Fees ReportSchool Name was sometimes being cut off and was overlapping with the comment, fixed.
Grade Report Mark Verification Listing reportsThese reports were not honoring a Student KEEP/SKIP Query, fixed.
Absence Code Table ReportWhen printing the Absence Code Table report at the District level, the report header showed as ERROR on schools that were delete tagged in the LOC table, fixed.
Daily Attendance ReportThe date ranges the report was being run for were not being displayed, fixed.
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