Online Enrollment Update - 8/9/2019

Aeries Service - A new endpoint has been added to allow Aeries Web to pull configuration information from Online Enrollment. This will allow Aeries to ignore blank data for disabled optional fields in Online Enrollment.

Documents - Documents with blank filenames would return an error, fixed. When a user is logged in with a language other than English and documents exist in English, but does not exist for the logged in language the document would fail to download, fixed.

*** This update has a version date of 8/8/2019, but the files on the website may be dated from 8/9/2019.  This is ok.

My district and another one I know about are experiencing issues with Importing students from Air. It is not populating some of the following: Parent Email, K-12 Enter date, Birth City, Birth Country, along with other fields not being imported correctly and having to be put in manually. 

It appears that this may be due to Aeries and Online Enrollment being on different versions.  We released an update to the Online Enrollment system last week that Aeries requires to run properly.

We are on current versions of both AIR & Web & still not importing the con.em or lac.uss.

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