Known Issue - Google Classroom integration not working - Fixed 8/9/2019

Due to unexpected and unannounced changes to the Google Classroom API, our Google Classroom integration, including creating classrooms and importing scores to the gradebook, has not been functioning for the past several days.

We are making programming changes to accommodate Google's API changes, and we expect these changes to be included in our next release, possibly as early as today.

This issue does not affect google account creation, and is limited to Google Classroom functionality within Aeries.

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Thanks for the update, I dont suppose you have a contact at Google I can relay a professionally crafted, yet extraordinarily colorful, message to?

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Can you please let us know of the fix as soon as you can so that we can tell our district to manually update.

Thank you.

Any updates on this?

Ditto ... any updates?

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We are still working on getting the update ready. We ran into a few roadblocks yesterday during our testing. It should be ready soon. I will post here again once it has been released. You can also "follow" the Aeries Updates forums to get alerted as soon as the update has been released. Once it has been released, the Aeries Administrator would need to install the update at an appropriate time. In the case of Aeries Hosting customers, our staff will install the necessary updates.

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Do Aeries Admins have to install updates if they are hosted?

This issue has been resolved with the 8/9/2019 version of Aeries, and installing this updating will resolve this issue with Google Classroom. In the case of Aeries Hosting customers, our staff will install the necessary updates.

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When will the update be applied for Hosting customers?

The hosted environment should be updated this evening.

Hey Kevin, I wasnt kidding.  Do you have a Google Contact?  Mine are all pointless reps that "understand" and "sure we are doing our best"

I don't have a Google contact directly, but we are investigating to see how we can try and prevent something like this from happening again.

The update is working great for our district.  Thank you so much for getting this fix.

Did this issue reappear?  We are not able to create or link Google Classrooms with Aeries.

I don't believe there are any widespread issues like before. If you're still experiencing issues, please contact Aeries Support for troubleshooting if you haven't already.

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