Information - 2018-19 CAASPP Student Data File Layout - Fixed 8/21/2019

Updated Information 8/21/2019 - 

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Import Test Results - CAASPP 2019This page has been updated to allow importing the 2018-19 CAASPP Test Results. The import will only accept the .csv file format.

The CAASPP 2018-19 Student Data File Layout has been posted. Programming is reviewing the file layout and will be working on updating the Import Test Results screen in Aeries Web Version. When you receive your student data files with the final results if you wish to assist us in our testing process please contact us at and we will provide information on where to send your database and the 2018-19 CAASPP Test Results data file (CSV file type that includes all schools and all grade levels not the XLS or CSV files that are separated by grade level, please).

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I can assist.  Let me know when you want our file

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I can assist.

Is there an update on this yet? 

We already have our 2018 - 2019 CAASPP files downloaded.  Let us know when you ready to use our K - 8 CAASPP files?    

Do you still need district files? and do we have an ETA?

I am not understand your question?  We already have our CAASPP file downloaded from TOMS.  If Aeries Support wanted to use our school district files for testing the layout they are welcome to use it. 

I should contact as instructed above by Sylvia Nishimoto.

yep, Me too, my question was actually to Aeries....I'm also patiently waiting. 

I'm asking about our new Initial ELPAC Scores that I just downloaded from TOMS for the 2019-20 year.  When can we upload those?  Is there gonna be a new 2019-2020 format or do we just use last year's 2018-19???

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