Information - CALPADS New Discipline File and Codes for the 2019-2020 End of Year (EOY) 3 Data Submission

Update Flash #159 Information:

The Discipline (SDIS) file will be replaced with three new files for the 2019-2020 End of Year (EOY) 3 Data Submission.  CALPADS states that they will be posting the new file layouts and codes in August and Aeries will be updated to support the new files.

Below are the 3 new Discipline files:

  • Student Incident (SINC) File, in which LEAs report all incidents: (1) resulting in the use of physical restraint, mechanical restraint, or seclusion; and (2) in which a statutory offense is committed. 

 Note:  The Behavioral Emergency (BER) page in Aeries can be used to store this information.  Restraint and Seclusion data has been collected for the Civil Rights Data Collection.  The Assertive Discipline (ADS/DSP) tables will continue to be used for the new discipline files.

  • Student Incident Result (SIRS) File, in which LEAs report all results for each incident. Each incident should have at least one corresponding SIRS record for each student who were restrained or secluded, or who committed an offense:
  • Student Offense (SOFF) File, in which LEAs report the statutory student offense (Student Offense code) that was committed for any incidents in which a statutory offense was committed. LEAs are required to report all statutory offenses, regardless of the result type (e.g., regardless of whether the student was suspended or expelled). No changes have been made to the Student Offense code set. 


Do you know if the data will be stored in ADS and DSP or will it be someplace new?

Hi Shelly,

We will continue to use the ADS and DSP tables for the 2019-2020 Discipline reporting.

Will you be adding the codes or do we need to add them ourselves?

Hi Carol,

We will be adding the new codes once CALPADS posts the new Code Set on the CDE website.

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