Aeries Revision Notes 7/26/2019

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Data ValidationThis new BETA feature allows system administrators to create Validation Definitions to identify anomalies in data stored in Aeries. Each Validation Definition will include a specially crafted SQL query that returns the relevant results. Validation Definitions are organized into Validation Groups. Each Validation Group will be delegated to a set of Responsible Users and/or User Groups. The Data Validation feature includes a scheduled process that can run on a daily basis. When the Data Validation process runs, each user will get an email showing a summary of errors that they are responsible for fixing. The Data Validation Results page will display details of the results tailored to each user based on security. The results can be linked directly to relevant pages in Aeries that the user should visit to resolve the issue. As the user works through their list of results, they can manually refresh a subset of their results to confirm that the resolution was successful. Aeries is providing a set of sample validations which can be loaded to get started right away. This feature is being released for beta testing by early adopters. If you are interested in this feature, please contact Aeries Support for information on enabling it. 
FinancialsThe Livingtree Transaction Report is a new report that provides Districts the ability to download a transaction report that includes the accounting codes associated with each transaction. The Paypal report does not contain the accounting code.
StaffA new field is available for collecting the social security numbers of staff members. This field will only display to authorized users when the Allow Collection of Social Security Numbers via Encrypted Student/Staff Data (ESD) option is enabled on the School Settings page.
State Reporting Field HighlightsDistricts now have the ability to default the "Highlight State Reporting Fields" setting for users to ON. The District Rules page has this new option. Users can still turn the highlighting off as they always have. Users who previously enabled and then disabled this setting will still have it turned off.
Student DemographicsThis page now has two new Yes/No fields for School of Choice Transfer (SCT) and Repeat Grade (RG). The Repeat Grade will be automatically set during the New Year Rollover when the Next Grade is equal to the current Grade.
Supplemental Attendance report (CCLC/ASES and ASSETs)This report now requests an Agency Name, defaulting to the District Name, for use with the 2018-19 templates.
CollegesThis page has been redesigned to use newer Aeries styles and has been optimized to better handle a larger number of record in the COL table.
CDD-801a ExtractThe CDD-801a Extract was using the re-certification field in Early Childhood Development to determine if the family was income eligible based on the re-certification numbers rather than the initial certification numbers, this has been corrected to only use the initial numbers. The new 19-20 State Median Income data has been added and will now be applied to any family certifying after July 1st 2019.
EESD 9600 ReportThe new 19-20 State Median Income data has been added and will now be applied to any family certifying after July 1st 2019.
CALPADS ExtractsThe Student Course Section Completion (SCSC) and the Course Section Completion (CRSC) have been adjusted. Students with a home school matching the school of dual enrollment (HIS.SDE) had the potential of not being included in the extract, fixed.
API V3The Programs API will now return results for all students in a school, not just active students.
FinancialsWhen a Student Payment Portal is automatically generated by the system, the target end date has been changed to 365 days from the last date in the school calendar. Also, when manually initializing a Payment Portal, the Total field containing the Remaining Balance can no longer be modified.
OneRoster APIThe birthdate in Demographics, startDate and endDate in AcademicSessions, beginDate and endDate in Enrollments were changed to output the date without the time using yyyy-mm-dd format.
Ed-Fi BetaThe Student Education Organization Association Event entity and Graduation Plan entity have been implemented. Aeries data can now be uploaded and retrieved from the ODS. Also, reordered entity appearances in Entity drop down based on entity dependencies. Also, Ed-Fi Program and Student Program Association issues were fixed. Now the system only sends entities to the ODS if the program type is mapped. Also, Student Program Association now uses school Id for education Organization Id when > 0 else uses District Id.
Ed-Fi BetaThe number of multi-threading threads that can run at a time has been limited to 6. This is to prevent very long running jobs from using too many threads and creating problems for other jobs that try to run at the same time.
Aeries Mobile APIModifications have been made to the student financials endpoint for an upcoming feature in the Aeries Mobile Portal app.
Aeries Mobile APIImprovements have been made to the log in process for the Aeries Mobile Portal and Aeries EM2 apps. Also, modifications were added for upcoming features to the Aeries Mobile Portal.
PreScheduling Edit Listing reportThis report now works when run with a Query KEEP/SKIP.
Enrollment HistoryNew visual styles have been applied to the page.
QueryThe Query page was unable to LIST STF since the 7/12/2019 update, fixed.
Master Schedule and Scheduling Master scheduleWhen adding a section the Block field now defaults to 1.
Attendance by PhotoThe Mark All Remaining Present button for both positive and negative attendance schools were not working, fixed. Also, the "old" page was renamed to Attendance by Photo - Old, and the "new" page was renamed to Attendance by Photo for consistency.
GATEThe GATE page has been updated to load properly for users that do not have read permissions to the GTR and GTT tables. Also, the "Referrals" tab has been updated to improve readability for users.
Street Address EditingThe Mailing and Residence Addresses were not syncing when editing addresses unless the district was using the STR table, fixed. Also, if the connection to DecisionInsite fails with a license key error, the setting to use it will be disabled.
ContactsWhen address or Code was not populated on a record, the Primary Contact was not being displayed in read mode, fixed. Also, users without access to update email and/or access to portal could not save contact records, fixed.
SecurityTeacher accounts had the ability to view prior year data for their current year school even when they did not have access to that school in the prior year, fixed.
Print Student CountsThis report was not properly updating the Report Tags table (RTG), fixed.
State Course Code TransitionThis page had the potential for users permissions to not be evaluated correctly, fixed.
Aeries AnalyticsCCI indicators were giving errors when they encountered CTE courses with undefined levels, fixed. Also, the process has been enhanced to better handle some oddities in data.
Parent Data ConfirmationThis page would not load for users viewing it from Internet Explorer, fixed.
Portal DocumentsIn Firefox, portal documents were not able to be re-ordered, fixed.
Course AttendanceThe "Issue Credit" popup was giving a "Class Not Found!" error if the student was not currently enrolled in the selected section, fixed.
Physical Fitness Test Analysis reportThe text for the upper body strength label has been updated to the correct spelling.
Portal DocumentsIn new databases, where no portal documents exist, new documents were not able to be uploaded, fixed.
Student Assertive Discipline Record reportSince the 1/30 update, this report had the potential to display an incorrect gender and/or grade level on succeeding pages when the report spanned multiple pages for one student, fixed.
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