Aeries Revision Notes 7/12/2019

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Import Test ResultsThe IB Subject Test can now be imported into Aeries. 
College Entrance TestsIB Tests now have their own tab on this page.
Define College Entrance Test CodesIB Tests have their own Read Only view on this page. IB test parts are now hard-coded.
Resources / AssetsThe "Mass Update Barcodes" feature is now available in the Web, converted from the Client. This feature allows users to quickly add or update barcodes to existing items using a scanner or manual entry. 
Parent Data ConfirmationA new Financials step has been added where districts may offer parents the option to make a donation via LivingTree. Also, the Documents step now precedes the Authorizations step. 
Portal OptionsA new Financials tab has been added under Parent Data Changing which allows districts to configure a step to offer parents the option of making a donation via LivingTree.
Course RequestsThe Course Requests page now allows hand scheduling of students above grade 13. Also, Scheduling Wait List logic has been added to this page along with additional warnings when adding course requests for full sections. Also, the Edit Record popup was not correctly displaying the TmCrsGp, Team# and SemGp fields, fixed.
New Year RolloverThe New Year Rollover had the potential to not update Staff Years in Service despite the new option, fixed. Querying the Staff "Date Years Incremented" field (STF.DYI) will indicate whether or not the Years in Service fields were updated during the Rollover. Running "Update Totals" from the Staff page runs the same process as the Rollover and can be run again to ensure these fields were properly updated (process will not "re-increment" the values). The logic to copy Custom Tables defined in the CTD table will now include copying the table data for tables that are not student-related.
Aeries Mobile APIModifications have been made to support LDAPS for the Aeries EM2 app. Also, in some instances the State Test Score Report records were displaying in the incorrect groups, fixed.
TranscriptsThe Year selection dropdown will now feature an additional year ahead of the current year (2018-2019). This will help with summer schools that increment students' grade levels to the next year (2019-2020).
Ed-Fi BetaCaching of Ed-Fi Entity Mappings has been enhanced to improve the ODS Update process. The Entity Upload process is now multi-threaded to improve performance. The Program Event and Student Program Association entities have been implemented in Aeries. The School Year has been added to the Student School Association mapping. Also, uploading Session Entity to ODS was giving an error, fixed.
School OptionsThe School Category and Scheduling Type field positions have been switched.
StaffVisual enhancements have been made to the Job Assignments (STJ) section.
ContactsWhen parents would modify contact records, the notification email was not displaying what data was originally there prior to the change, fixed.
Portal DocumentsIf a non-admin user had query access to DCS at any point they would not have the ability to upload documents, fixed.
Parent Data ConfirmationIf no documents were marked to show in Portal, there was the potential that data confirmation would not complete successfully because the Documents step was being required, fixed.
Parent Data ConfirmationThe confirmation text was not wrapping on the Documents step, fixed.
School OptionsAdmin users had the possibility to inadvertently turn off the SMTP SSL setting, fixed.
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