Known Issue - Cannot set the correct Initial Ninth Grade Entry year for pre-enrolled 9th grade students

Update:  The Initial Ninth Grade Entry field no longer shows for pre-enrolled students

If you're pre-enrolling a student for 9th grade Next year, the Initial Ninth Grade Entry year (STU.INE) defaults to 2018-2019 and there is no way to change it to 2019-2020.  The Cohort (STU.CHT) will automatically calculate to 2021-2022 and cannot be changed on the Demographics page. After the Rollover the INE would need to be updated to 2019-2020 and the CHT will re-calculate to 2022-2023.

For now, the INE and CHT can be updated through a CHANGE query for the Pre-enrolled 9th graders prior to the Rollover

CHANGE STU INE TO "2019-2020" IF TG = * AND GR = 9
CHANGE STU CHT TO "2022-2023" IF TG = * AND GR = 9

If you have already done your Rollover, you can still use a CHANGE query but would have to modify the IF statement

CHANGE STU INE TO "2019-2020" IF  GR = 9
CHANGE STU CHT TO "2022-2023" IF GR = 9

But Schools would have to take into account any Retentions or other special situations for specific students.

Programming is aware of this and is working on a fix. This should only affect pre-enrolled 9th graders as any other pre-enrolled grade level will have an INE prior to this year and can be set during pre-enrollment.    

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