Known Issue - Address changes may only change residence address - Fixed 7/25/2019

UPDATE:  This issue was fixed in the 7.25.2019 update

It has come to our attention that in some cases when changing a student's address, the mailing address is not automatically copying to the residence address when the address is marked as the "same".

This issue does not affect customers who are using the streets table for address validation. It also is not an issue when the residence and mailing addresses are already different. This issue has occurred since the 6/14/2019 version of Aeries.

After an address change is made, it is recommended to verify on the Student Demographics page that the change was actually saved as intended, if the mailing address should be the same as the residence. Changing the address a second time resolves the issue, and syncs the data like it should.

Programming is aware of this issue, and is working on a fix for inclusion in our next release.

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