Known Issue - Electronic Score Report Process Notifications failing - Fixed 9/6/2019

Updated information - This issue was resolved in the 9/6/2019 Aeries Web update:


Electronic Score Report ProcessingA language could not be removed once selected and saved, fixed. The scheduled process will now check if a school's SERT is enabled before defaulting to the district SERT.

Some districts are receiving "The Electronic Score Report Processor failed to complete today at..." completion emails. This is occurring for districts where the State Electronic User Name and Secret Key are stored at the School level rather than the District level. Programming is working on a fix for this.

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Just to make sure we understand this, the State Electronic User Name and Secret Key has to only be stored at the District Level in order for the Electronic Score Report Processing to work?  We had them set up for both district and school level, but when I ran the Electronic Score Report Processing,  I did not receive an email with a completion status at all, and even though I see all the records in the Electronic Score Report Manager page, parents did not receive an email notification. 

Thank you,

Has this been fixed?

Hi April,

No, it has not. I just ran the process again this morning from the Configure Electronic Score Report Processing > Run Process Now button and nothing. I received 2 emails, one saying the process was complete and one saying it failed. 



When I emulate a parent account, I do not see a link to test scores (even a blank page).

What is it looking like on your end?



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