5/6/2019 - CALPADS Student Enrollment SENR

The CALPADS "Student Enrollment" (SENR) file format will change on May 7th, 2019. Six new indicators will be added to the SENR file for the End of Year submission. The SENR file will contain new work-based learning indicators for inclusion in the Career and College Readiness Calculations. Aeries versions dated April 11th or later contain a date trigger built into the code for the new SENR format. As of May 7th, the Aeries SENR file will include the 6 new indicator fields if running the April 11th or later version. Any files submitted to CALPADS on May 7th or after will generate errors if not created on the Aeries version dated April 11th or later. More information is provided: CALPADS Information - SENR File Layout Changes for May 2019