Aeries Revision Notes 6/21/2019

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State Course Code TransitionThis is a new page intended to help districts map their current state course codes to the new 2019-20 state course codes. The Transition page will display all of the active courses, their current state course codes (CRS.C3), and a drop-down of the CDE suggested, new state course code(s) along with the remaining available codes. Selecting one of the new codes will populate the new CRS.NC3 field. When the district performs the New Year Rollover, the codes in the NC3 field will automatically be copied to the CRS.C3 field for use in the new school year. Districts have the option to immediately copy the codes from NC3 to C3.
CoursesThis page now includes a field to populate the new Next State Course Code (CRS.NC3) column in Course > California Specific Fields.
Portal DocumentsThis page now supports uploading URLs in a text file format with a .config extension. Navigation security on this page now requires update to Portal Options instead of update to Data Confirmation Documents.
Document Confirmation LogWhen archiving documents the old title will now be saved so it can be displayed back in the Document Confirmation Log. When using the new feature to add new versions of a document, the document confirmation log was displaying the new document information rather than the document the parent confirmed. This will no longer be an issue with new document confirmations. When Spanish documents were confirmed, the English title was displaying, fixed.
Student Transcripts reportThis report was not properly limiting the Work in Progress section when using Quarter Terms, fixed.
Graduation StatusThe Graduation Status process was not properly limiting the Credit Enrolled section when using Quarter Terms, fixed. This fix applies to the Graduation Status, Academic Plan, CCI Indicator Summary, Graduation/College Readiness Dashboard, and Student Profile pages, and the Graduation Status Letter to Parent, Graduation Status List by Student, Graduation Status Report, Seniors Lacking Credit for Graduation reports.
College Entrance RequirementsThe College Entrance Requirements process was not properly limiting the Credit Enrolled section when using Quarter Terms, fixed. This fix applies also to the College Entrance Req's, Academic Plan, CCI Indicator Summary, Graduation/College Readiness Dashboard, and Student Profile pages, the Print CSU Eligibility and Print UC Eligibility reports, and the Calculate College Entrance Requirements function.
UC ELC ExtractThe extract was not populating Terms above what was set for HIS Terms, fixed. Also, the exports now honor KEEP/SKIP.
CDD-801a ExtractFoster students will now be extracted with their own name as head of household rather than a primary contact. The "Run" button would remain disabled when first adding schools to extract and required refreshing the page, fixed.
CalGrant GPA ExtractThe CalGrant GPA extract will now set the California State Id field to 10 zeros (0000000000) instead of blank for students without a State Id.
New Year RolloverAdditional tables (BWL, LCN, DCA) have been included in the rollover process. Also, DCS table was not rolled over since the 5/31 update, fixed.
Street Address ManagementFor DecisionInsite customers, the Mass Validate function has been temporarily removed while it is being enhanced. Batch verification of addresses is available through DecisionInsite with other methods if needed. The Mass Validate option is still available for those utilizing the Streets Table.
Graduation StatusThe Graduation Status process will now save the Needed Credits (HSG.CUN) as 0 instead of a negative number when a student exceeds the required credits for a subject area.
Elementary TranscriptFor multi-page Elementary transcripts, the incorrect student ID was displaying on the second and subsequent pages, fixed.
OneRoster APIUnder certain conditions, the PUT LineItems endpoint encountered an error after the assignment was saved to the database, fixed.
State Test Scores ReportsStaff and parent users were not able to view the score reports of students when using the Microsoft Edge browser, fixed. Users emulating parents were not seeing the custom message configured in the Configure Electronic Score Report Processing page, fixed. 
Student Immunizations (Blue) CardsThis report was printing an extra blank page when the "Print Instructions on the Back Side of the Blue Card" was unchecked, fixed.
Pre-Referral InterventionsThe "% Success" and "Success Comment" field titles were replaced with "Progress Indicator Score" and "Progress Comment" respectively.
Google IntegrationSince the 5/31 update, districts with spaces in their student root OU have been experiencing issues with their directory sync, fixed.
Ed-Fi BetaThe term descriptor for Trimester has been changed to match the Ed-Fi standards (First Trimester, Second Trimester, Third Trimester).
Ed-Fi Test PageThe Job result totals were sometimes showing failures when no errors occurred, fixed. Also, increased the number of jobs that can be viewed in the Job's dropdownlist.
Parent Data ConfirmationWhen no required documents were applicable to Data Confirmation, the Documents step would appear to be already confirmed, fixed.
Copy Grades to TranscriptUnder rare circumstances, the Copy Grades to Transcript process was looking at the wrong option when determining if a school is single mark or multi mark, fixed.
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